Blasters of the Universe

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Blasters of the Universe
Studio album by Bootsy's New Rubber Band
Released 1993
Recorded 1993
Genre Funk; Electro-Funk
Length 120:37 Disc one-74:35 Disc two-46:02
Label P-Vine Records; Rykodisc Records
Producer Bootsy Collins
Bootsy's New Rubber Band chronology
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Blasters of the Universe
Keepin' Dah Funk Alive 4-1995

Blasters of the Universe is a 1993 2 CD set by Bootsy's New Rubber Band. The album was first released on the P-Vine record label and then by Rykodisc in the U.S. and the UK. In terms of musical personnel, the album features more P-Funk and Funk alumni than any other Bootsy Collins related release. It also contains one of the last tracks to feature original Parliament-Funkadelic guitarist Eddie Hazel. The album also contains a lyric sheet and a comic book called "Back 'N' Dah Day: A Boot Tune Adventure".

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1:

  1. Funk Express Card {W Collins} 5:53
  2. J.R. (Just Right) {W Collins, B Worrell, Frankie Waddy, Don Davis} 6:48
  3. Blasters of the Universe {W Collins, Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Richard Griffith, Rick Gardner} 6:45
  4. Bad Girls {W Collins, Joel Johnson, Lawrence Cornett, Anthony Cole} 5:40
  5. Back-N-The Day {W Collins, Phelps Collins, David Spradley, M Parker} 6:16
  6. Where R The Children {W Collins, Cynthia Girty, Tony Walker, Carolyn Stanford} 4:36
  7. Female Trouble's (The National Anthem) {W Collins} 4:33
  8. Wide Track {W Collins, F Wesley, Mike Mitchell, Vince Campbell} 5:08
  9. Funk Me Dirty {W Collins, G Clinton, Trey Stone} 5:39
  10. Blasters (Featuring Eddie Hazel) {W Collins, Eddie Hazel} 6:59
  11. Good Nite Eddie {W Collins, Eddie Hazel, Gary James} 4:23
  12. A Sacred Place {W Collins, Greg Fitz} 3:36
  13. Half Past Midnight {W Collins} 2:37
  14. It's A Silly Serious World {W Collins} 5:17

Disc 2:

  1. J.R. (Just Right) 5:05
  2. Funk Express Card 4:50
  3. Back N The Day 6:28
  4. Bad Girls 4:59
  5. Good Nite Eddie 4:24
  6. Where R The Children 4:21
  7. Funk Me Dirty 5:53
  8. It's A Silly Serious World 5:09
  9. A Sacred Place 4:21


Musicians & Vocals: Catfish Collins, Razor "Sharp" Johnson, Bernie Worrell, Eddie Hazel, David Spradley, Maceo Parker, Frankie "Kash" Waddy, Fred Wesley, Rick Gardner, Kush Griffith, The "Horny Horns", Mike Mitchell, Vince Campbell, Don "Tiger" Martin, "Sweat Band", Gary "Mudd Bone" Cooper, Robert P-Nut Johnson, George Clinton, Anthony Cole, Buddy Miles, Wes Boatman, Ronni Harris, "Godmoma", Cynthia, Tony, Carol, Bobby Byrd, Casper, The Player, Fuzz Face, Trey Stone, Super-T, Ron Jenning, Pretty Fatt-Sheila & Cynthia, Kristin Gray, Greg Fitz, Dee "Dirty Mugg" James, David Cox, Anthony Goodin