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Blatherskite are an Alternative Metal band formed in Sydney, Australia in 1996. The group currently consists of Nick Goryl on vocals, Tim Lim and Mat Newton on guitar, Ben Nicholls on bass guitar, and Katrina Tuffy on drums. Blatherskite emerged from a band Tim Lim formed during high school. Their two first albums, 1995's Vathek (released on cassette tape) and 1996's Dribble were characterised by an experimental punk sound; their follow ups 2006's Three Worlds and 2009's Where the Wasteland Ends developed a more alternative metal sensibility.


Early years - (1996-1998)[edit]

Blatherskite formed in 1996 in Sydney with guitarist Tim Lim, Brendan Davie and Tom Waters. They recorded and released their first EP Vathek 6 weeks later. Music from this EP was played on local youth radio networks. In late 1996, the band recorded and released Dribble on CD. This album was released independently.

Three Worlds (1999-2006)[edit]

Nick Goryl joined the band as vocalist in 1999. The band spent 2004-2005 recording and mixing the album with guitarist Tim Lim as engineer. Original bassist Tom Waters left the band due to health reasons and Justin Min filled in for live shows and recording for the album. Described as "Tool influenced experimental rock with promise",[1] Three Worlds was released in 2005, and received airplay on independent Sydney radio stations 2SER and Fbi. Chris Angell performed bass duties for the band over this period. The band spent the end of 2005 on a tour through New Zealand culminating in a New Year's Eve show at Whangamata Beach Hop.

Where the Wasteland Ends (2007-present)[edit]

After returning from touring in New Zealand, Chris Angell and Blatherskite parted ways, and the band began work on the follow-up to Three Worlds in their studio, Where the Wasteland Ends. Writing took place with Tim Lim, Brendan Davie and Nick Goryl, and when the album was at a demo stage a decision was made to include a second guitarist. Stewart Horsfield (guitar) and Morris Mezzatesta (bass) were added to the band for a run of live shows.
Morris left Blatherskite prior to the recording of the 4th album with Dave Hammer (Gay Paris, MzAnthropik, Hell City Glamours), where Stewart Horsfield played a greater role in writing and recording parts. The album artwork was a collaborative between Blatherskite and Timothy Lamont (Graphic artist - Morbid Sheep) which resulted in an abstract comic included with the album. Where the Wasteland Ends was released in 2009 and featured on Andrew Haug's Metal/Rock Show "Full Metal Racket" broadcast on Australian National Radio Triple J. At this point one of the original founders, main songwriters and drummer Brendan Davie leaves the band to start a family. During this period Dan Nahum (Bleakwood, Sword Towards Self, Ironwood, The Veil) filled in for drums in between his other projects, while Mat Newton joins the band as bassist.
Stewart Horsfield leaves the band amicably in 2010, Louis Rosin (Drums) and Luka Szcepanik (Bass) are found with Mat Newton moving to guitars, and they began playing shows around Sydney's urban and regional areas, culminating in a headlining tour through Queensland.
Ben Nicholls (bass) and Stephen Reinhardt (drums) joined the band in 2010, and In 2011 Blatherskite played Soundwave 2011[2] alongside bands such as Protest the Hero, Iron Maiden, Primus and Slash. Blatherskite achieved No. 1 on the Weekly, Monthly and Overall charts on Roadrunner Unsigned website.[3]
As the band went into writing for the next album, Stephen Reinhardt left the band,[4] and Katrina Tuffy (ex-Kunvuk) was found as their new drummer. In late 2011 Blatherskite released an animated video clip for Third Day Fear.


  • Nick Goryl – lead vocals (1999–present)
  • Tim Lim – Guitar, vocals (1995–present)
  • Mat Newton – Guitar (2008–present)
  • Ben Nicholls – Bass (2010–present)
  • Katrina Tuffy – drums (2011–present)

Former members[edit]

  • Brendan Davie – drums (1995–2009)
  • Tom Waters – bass guitar (1995–2004)
  • Justin Min – bass guitar (2004)
  • Chris Angell - bass guitar (2005–2006)
  • Stewart Horsfield - guitar (2008–2009)
  • Morris Mezzatesta - bass guitar (2008)
  • Dan Nahum - Drums (2008)
  • Mat Newton - Bass (2008)
  • Luka Szcepanik - Bass (2009)
  • Louis Rosin - Drums (2009)
  • Steven Reinhardt - Drums (2010–2011)



  • Vathek - Independent (10 November 1995)
  • Dribble - Independent (6 June 1996)
  • Three Worlds[5] - Independent (8 Aug 2005)
  • Where the Wasteland Ends[6][7] - Independent/Tunecore (8 Aug 2009)


  • "Warning" - Independent (2001)
  • "Third Day Fear" - Independent (2011)

Video Clips

  • "Third Day Fear"[8] - Independent (2011)


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