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Blaw-Knox is one of the most prominent manufacturers of road paving equipment in the world. After Ingersoll-Rand divested of their road-making equipment operations in 2007,[1] the company became part of Volvo of Sweden's construction equipment division.

Blaw-Knox paver in Syria

The company was formed from 2 companies, Blaw and Knox, and eventually was purchased by White Consolidated Industries in May 1968.[2] Originally a maker of steel concrete forms, as highway construction moved away from rigid concrete construction, the company began making highway pavers for the new method of flexible asphalt paving (tarmac). Today, the biggest distributor of Blaw Knox asphalt pavers is Craig Plant, in London.

The company is remembered today primarily for their distinctive Blaw-Knox Tower developed in the 1930s, a vertical medium wave radiator distinguished by its diamond-shaped appearance.

Blaw Knox entered the construction equipment business in 1929 with the purchase of concrete road building machines. In 1931 Blaw Knox introduced a form riding finisher for asphalt paving. By 1932 they had released the first self-propelled non-form riding finisher for the placement of stones and asphalt. Up until this time it had been common to pave roads using formwork on either side of the paved section. This machines was essentially a self-propelled tailgate spreader that closely followed the truck. The front wheels rode on the prepared base while the rear drive wheels rode on the newly paved Asphalt surface. The screed was mounted in between these wheels and was able to average out the irregularities. The first road widener was introduced in 1943 and other products followed including road rollers for a brief time.

Blaw Knox went on to establish a broad and very well respected line of paving machines for both the U.S.A and U.K. markets. Blaw Knox subsequently sold its U.K. Division to Babcock and the models marketed in the U.K. used similar model numbers to the U.S.A Versions which caused some confusion. Eventually the U.S,A division was sold to Ingersoll-Rand where it remained until Volvo purchased the line in or around the early 2000s.


  • Pavers
    • PF500, PF400A,
    • BK106, BK196, BK175, BK170, BK165, BK95, BK90, BK76
    • PF220, PF180H, PF120H, PF115T, PF115S, PF35, PF22
  • Road wideners
    • RW195A, RW195C, RW100, RW38
  • Concrete formwork & road making machinery
  • Bulldozer machinery - built till the main crawler tractor manufacturers started building their own attachments.
  • Paving machinery


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