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Bleeping Computer
Web address
Type of site Computer help site for the new computer user
Registration Optional
Owner Bleeping Computer LLC.
Created by Lawrence Abrams
Launched January 26, 2004[1]

Bleeping Computer is a computer help site founded by Lawrence Abrams in 2004. It is a resource site for answering computer, security, and technical questions. All services to the public are free, including malware and rootkit cleanup of infected computers and removal instructions on rogue anti-spyware programs. Bleeping Computer caters especially to the new computer user.[2] The site has been mentioned in an online article for PC World magazine.[3][4]


Members, volunteers and staff[edit]

As of May 2014, there are over 640,000 registered members, of which the vast majority are 'regular' members.[5] However, a significant proportion of the membership also includes members who work for the site, in varied roles, as volunteers. Some examples of such volunteer roles are the Malware Response Team and Trainees and also BC Advisors. The site also has an administration team who work as their site staff. The team consists of the Administrator (owner), Site Administrators, Global Moderators and Moderators. Bleeping Computer also provides a comprehensive membership description that provides an overview of each group.[6]


Bleeping Computer's forums have subsections devoted to several operating systems, broad classes of application software, and malicious software removal, as well as sections for web browsers, home and small business networking and the Mac OS X operating system.

Malware removal[edit]

Bleeping Computer offers free one-to-one malware removal help to registered users via its support forums. All malware removal help is provided by volunteers trained in how to use anti-malware tools such as HijackThis, DDS,[7] OTL, GMER and Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. The application Rkill, [8] which was developed by the site founder Lawrence Abrams, is also used to aid in the fight against malware.



Bleeping Computer has a large library of tutorials [9] covering such topics as the basics of TCP/IP, hardware configuration, partition management, and internet security. These tutorials are written by members of the Bleeping Computer staff and are available for free.

Bleeping Computer also has many mini guides for things such as "How to Re-Install Windows" or "How to Install and Use Ubuntu or any version of Linux" as well as guides on how to remove common Malware infections.

Malware removal training program[edit]

Bleeping Computer offers a malware removal training program.[10] The course is divided to three groups: the Sophomore Level, the Junior Level and the Senior Level. Many graduates of the program remain active in the forum's malware assistance section. Students in the program learn techniques, methods and cleaning procedures used in today's anti-malware communities.

The training program is also a UNITE accredited malware training program[11]


Bleeping Computer maintains several databases of common programs, startup entries and files found in Microsoft Windows operating systems. Each entry briefly identifies the file or entry, whether it's malicious, necessary or optional, as well as a recommendation on what actions a user should take against it, if any, to be sure.


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