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Blind Joe Taggart was an American blind country blues musician,[1] from the 1920s and 1930s.[2] He was a great influence on folk singer Josh White, with whom he traveled. According to White, Taggart was a mean-tempered man. He recorded a few duets with Emma Taggart, who is believed to have been his wife.[2] At least one photograph is believed to exist of Taggart.[3]

The complete discography of Taggart has been made available.[4]

ALL MUSIC's Eugene Chadbourne has much to say of 'Blind Joe Taggart' on his website - including discography - at:.[5] Blind Joe Taggart has been 'mentioned' in several online blogs as the originator/creator of the theme song for the 2011-2012 television series, 'Boss' (17 episodes), sung (covered) by Robert Plant of the British group Led Leppelin: 'Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down.'


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