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Blitz Brigade Online Fps
Developer(s) Gameloft
Publisher(s) Gameloft
Release date(s)
  • WW 9 May 2013 (2013-05-09)
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Multiplayer Training

Blitz Brigade is an online multiplayer game developed by Gameloft. The game requires an internet connection to operate. The game's era is set in World War 2, and was inspired by Battlefield Heroes. It is played on iOS, Android and Windows. It is a first person shooter with 6 maps: Malta Fort, Cathedral, Madagascar, Madagascar Ruins Malta Docks and UFO Crash Site, It features multiple vehicles such as Helicopters, Tanks, Jeeps. The game also has different types of game modes. They are Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Domination. The latest update includes a new map, called UFO Crash Site.

Online and Singleplayer[edit]

Training Training is the singleplayer missions of the game, consisting of several challenges that can be completed for XP and Cash. While Training requires an internet connection to play, it is favorable to the newer players who want to learn the game mechanics. The player will always get a standard weapon loadout, they can not equip any weapons they have purchased. This mode will teach you how to: Fly a helicopter Use a machine gun Use a sniper rifle and use the primary, secondary, and melee weapons effectively. However, not many people play training.

Play Play is the online mode of Blitz Brigade, which you can battle players from around the globe. However, only wifi can be used to play multiplayer, not a data plan. There are no level requirements to play online multiplayer. When selected, you can use weapons purchased and equipped in the shop. The player selects a game mode, map, and then begins the search for an open spot in an identical match. Players who have no preference can also select Quickplay to join any match on any map of any kind.


Soldier "A unit that does not specialize in anything, yet is very versatile." -Gameloft

The Soldier is the first class, available from the start of the game. His running speed is 3rd fastest of all classes, while his health is 2nd best. He is also the character that steals the flag the fastest in the game of "Capture the Flag". The Allies Soldier is Scottish, and his first primary is the Shipley 7mm. The Axis Soldier is German, and his first Primary is The Scout.

Gunner "The Gunner is slow, but has the most Health, and specializes in heavy weaponry" -Gameloft

The Gunner is the second unlockable Class, with the slowest running speed, and the highest health of all Classes. The Allies Gunner is probably from the USA (marines from the tattoo on his arm). His first primary is Old Bessie. The Axis Gunner is German, with his first primary, Sinner.

Medic The medic has the ability to heal his allies however weapons from a supply crate will not have the same effect. The allies Medic is British. His primary weapon is the Leveler. The Axis Medic is German.His Primary is also The Leveler.

Stealth The Stealth has the ability to turn invisible. The Allies Stealth is French and starts with Throwing Knifes, The Axis Stealth starts with a Shuriken and is a German. The Stealth is the 3rd Class to be unlocked and the fastest Speed among all the 5 classes.


"The Sniper, while not very dangerous in close quarters, is deadly at long ranges." -Gameloft

The Sniper is the last Class to be unlocked and the 4th fastest Speed.

The Allies' Sniper is Russian, and his first Primary is the CWM M03 The Axis' Sniper has glowing red eyes and sounds German, his first primary is the Kemp Type 77


There are 6 different maps in the game. This is a list of them:

Malta Docks

Malta Fort


Madagascar Ruins


UFO Crash Site

Controls on the laptop[edit]

For all classes on the laptop[edit]

  • Tap 'X' on the reload page: go to the other team
  • Ctrl: turn around
  • 'X': get in a vehicle
  • 'V': get out of the vehicle
  • 'C' shoot from a vehicle
  • if you look at the right corner you will see squares that have some kind of thing inside
  • 'Shift': run
  • 'W': go forwards
  • 'S': go backwards
  • 'D': go right
  • 'A': go left
  • 'Space': jump
  • 'M' look on the map all for all players
  • 'scroll' switch weapons
  • Right click to aim (for all classes except gunner and medic)
  • 'Scroll' moves helicopter up and down

Public Reception[edit]

The game was received rather well by the public, earning a 4 star average rating on 27 March 2014 update, and a 4 1/2 star rating for all versions, according to the Apple App Store.