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If you're looking for the blocking policy on Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Blocking policy.

Block may refer to:

Administrative subdivisions[edit]

  • Block (country subdivision), term used in many South Asian countries, America and Australia
  • City block, the smallest area that is surrounded by streets
  • License block, a geographically defined area for the purpose of the extraction of natural resources






  • A large concrete masonry unit, or cement block
  • Block (sailing), a single or multiple pulley used on sailboats
  • The presence of a block artifact in compressed images
  • Cylinder block, the main part of an internal combustion engine
  • Block heater, a means of pre-heating an engine to facilitate starting
  • Hat block, a wooden block carved into the shape of a hat by a craftsman known as a block shaper
  • Postage stamp block, an attached group of postage stamps
  • Toy block, one of a set of wooden or plastic pieces of various shapes
  • Unit block, a type of standardized wooden toy block for children
  • Wood block, a small piece of slit drum made from a single piece of wood and used as a percussion instrument
  • Tower block, a high rise multi-unit building


  • Block, Tennessee, an unincorporated community and coal town in Campbell County, Tennessee, USA

Other sciences[edit]


  • Block (basketball), when a defensive player legally deflects a shot
  • Starting blocks, devices used by sprinters to assist in preventing their feet from slipping as they break into a run



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