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Place of origin
Main ingredients
Flour (wheat or rye), blood (usually reindeer or pig)
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Blodpalt is an old-fashioned Swedish dish still fairly common in northern Sweden and Finland (known in Finnish as veripalttu or roppana[1]). The dish's history goes back to a time when the households carefully made use of all parts of the animals to get enough food.[2]

Blodpalt is essentially pitepalt – similar to kroppkakor – a kind of potato dumpling. However, in blodpalt, potato is usually replaced by flour of wheat or rye, and blood (in the north commonly from reindeer and elsewhere in Sweden from pig) is added. This made the dish a nutritious meal that was often eaten during the dark part of the year.[1][2]

Blodpalt is sometimes eaten together with bone marrow (usually from reindeer) and is then referred to as lappkok.

There is also a Palt-Academy located in the northern part of Sweden.


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