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BlogBridge viewing a feed
Stable release 6.7 / 7 October 2009
Operating system Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Type feed aggregator
License GPL

BlogBridge is an open source Java-based feed aggregator. It is aimed at users who subscribe to many feeds, including journalists, PR professionals and OPML enthusiasts.

Its development team is led by Pito Salas. The software contains a feature called a SmartFeed, which returns articles from other feeds containing user-defined keywords. BlogBridge web site also offers "Expert Guides", which are downloadable guides centred on a particular subject, normally created by an expert in that subject.

BlogBridge service[edit]

BlogBridge also gives users the option to create an account with a free BlogBridge service, which lets users upload a list of their feeds to their account so that they can synchronize their feeds across multiple computers. The service can also be used to back up feeds in the event of data loss. From version 6.0, BlogBridge features a built-in memo tracker and detailed statistics, along with performance improvements and fixes.

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