Bloomington New Tech High School

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Bloomington New Tech High School
444 S. Patterson
Bloomington, Indiana, 47403
 United States
Coordinates 39°09′47″N 86°33′05″W / 39.163051°N 86.551516°W / 39.163051; -86.551516Coordinates: 39°09′47″N 86°33′05″W / 39.163051°N 86.551516°W / 39.163051; -86.551516
School type High School
Established 2008
Status Active
School district Monroe County Community School Corporation
Grades 9-12
Enrollment ~160
School colour(s) Silver and Green
Slogan "Trust. Respect. Responsibility."
Mascot Spartan

Bloomington New Tech High School (soon to be renamed "The Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship") is a high school in Bloomington, Indiana, United States which utilizes Project Based Learning. Opened in fall 2008 with a class size of 96 students,[1] the school will serve students in 9th-12th grades, adding a class each year, with up to 100 students per grade. As of May 2009, the class of 2012 has 50-65 students. The school has a 1:1 student to computer ratio.[2]


Bloomington's New Tech High School is part of the larger New Tech Network,[3] which includes over 100 schools[4] across the United States. The school is funded through district funds, state grants, and community donations.[2] The Bloomington New Tech High School building was originally the Rogers Building Supplies main building. It was renovated to become a school.

The New Tech model is characterized by three principles:

  • A new instructional approach that engages learners;
  • A culture that empowers students and teachers; and
  • Fully applied technology that supports deep learning.[5]

In 2012, Alan Veach, the founding Principal of BNTHS, took a position within the New Tech Network. On July 24, 2012, the MCCSC Board of School Trustees named Dr. Bruce Colston as his successor.

Bloomington New Tech Today[edit]

Bloomington New Tech High school is a school with a dwindling attendance rate, and now has around 180 students (2012-2013). Although there are many thoughts of New Tech being shut down due to it being the lowest GPA scoring school in all of MCCSC, the school is for now, here to stay. With the lower and lower attendance at New Tech, it is a possibility that Bloomington New Tech could possibly be shut down due to lack of funds all together (or perhaps, from everyone leaving). Bloomington New Tech is a school that is based on using computers to complete the many projects in which students have to do. However, one problem stands with the computing side of New Tech: outdated systems. Many laptops from the school are around four years old, terribly misused, and loaded with viruses. So far, no effort has been made to improve on Bloomington New Tech High School, and we could possibly be viewing the end of new tech as a whole.


An outdoor recreational area is planned to be on one side of the building. The area behind the school is currently under development. The lunch room also serves as the student commons. A small library and the school store opened this year.


New Tech uses project-based learning to engage students in relevant and meaningful work. Much of the classwork is done on computer. The school uses New Technology Foundation's echo Collaborative Learning Environment and Gmail/Google Drive for assignment management, grades, and collaboration. In the first year, before echo was finalized, the American Studies class used the Moodle virtual learning environment. All students are required to complete 140 hours of independent physical activity in order to receive credit for Physical Education. The following classes are currently available:

  • American Studies - a combination of American History and English 9.
  • English 11
  • World Studies - a combination of World History and English 10.
  • English 12
  • Software Technology & Success Skills - teaches students software applications (mainly from Microsoft) and skills that help students get jobs.
  • Biology & Health
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Geometry - teaches geometry through real-life problems.
  • Algebra I & II
  • Pre Calculus/Trigonometry
  • History by the Numbers (Statistics)
  • Entrepreneurship - The entrepreneurship class runs the school store. All class members are members of DECA.
  • World Languages - Foreign language is generally taught through the Rosetta Stone program.
  • Art - This class can be taken as a Dual Credit Course, earning both High School and Ivy Tech credit.
  • Sociology
  • Criminology
  • Government
  • Economics
  • Service Learning Classes (Teaching Assistants, Recycling, etc.)
  • IVYT120- An Ivy Tech class taught on-site at BNTHS.
  • Ivy Tech Release - Allows students to take classes on the local Ivy Tech campus.
  • Exterior Internships
  • Debate
  • Film as Literature
  • Dramatic Literature

Extracurricular activities[edit]

Many extracurricular activities are available at Bloomington New Tech High School including but not limited to:


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