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Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing (BQFP) is a joint venture owned by the Qatar Foundation and managed by Bloomsbury Publishing. Established in October 2008 and headquartered in Doha, BQFP is Qatar's first publishing house.[citation needed] It consists of two departments: Publishing, and Reading and Writing Development.


BQFP publishes a wide range of fiction, non-fiction, reference material, and children’s literature in both Arabic and English. A significant portion of its projects involve translating well-known works of Arabic into English and vice versa. These include children’s books like The Gruffalo and fiction like the up-coming The American Granddaughter by Inaam Kachachi, which has been translated from Arabic into English.[1]

Notable books[edit]

  • Qatari Voices, a collection of essays by young Qataris.[2]



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