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GO Station
Bloor GO Station 2014 construction P52.JPG
Reconstruction of the station in 2014
Station statistics
Address 1456 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario
Coordinates 43°39′28″N 79°27′03″W / 43.65778°N 79.45083°W / 43.65778; -79.45083Coordinates: 43°39′28″N 79°27′03″W / 43.65778°N 79.45083°W / 43.65778; -79.45083
Connections BSicon SUBWAY.svg TTC - Line 2 - Bloor-Danforth line.svg Dundas West (TTC)
Parking None
Other information
Station code GO Transit: BOGO
Fare zone 02
Presto card Yes
Preceding station   GO Transit logo.svg GO Transit   Following station
toward Kitchener
Union Pearson Express
Union Pearson Express
(opening 2015)

Bloor GO Station is a railway station on GO Transit's Kitchener line, located in Toronto, Canada, at 1456 Bloor Street West, between Lansdowne Avenue and Dundas Street West. It is nearby Dundas West station on the Bloor–Danforth line of the Toronto rapid transit network. The West Toronto Railpath runs along the eastern side of the station, providing a pedestrian and cyclist connection to the neighbourhoods to the north, east, and south. The Railpath also has bicycle parking by the station's entrances from the path. The Crossways shopping mall and apartment complex is located to the west of the station.


Eastbound and westbound GO trains on this line use the Weston Subdivision, locally oriented northwest-southeast; there is one platform on each of the two tracks. Parallel to these tracks, running along their southwest side, is the Galt Subdivision, also double-track; this carries GO trains on the Milton line, but they do not stop at Bloor station. However, GO has considered including the station as part of Milton line services,[1] but it is not in current plans. [2]

Until 1996 there was a fifth parallel track on the other side of the CN line, which also belonged to CP and was used for access to local industries; its former right-of-way is now used for the West Toronto Railpath. Bloor Street dips down here to cross under all the tracks, and the station is reached by stairs from its north sidewalk.

The ticket sales office at Bloor station was closed in April 2008; tickets are sold only by vending machines. It is one of the system's few stations with no parking lot.

Only 200 passengers use the station per day, but that is expected to increase to 1,000 with the opening of the Union Pearson Express. Metrolinx is projecting 2,000 riders will use the station daily by 2031.[3]


Bloor GO Station will be a stop on the Union Pearson Express running from Union Station to Toronto Pearson International Airport. It is being designed and built by Metrolinx in time for the 2015 Pan American Games. The agency will also own and operate the line.[4]

Dundas West subway station predates GO Transit, and its only entrance is on Dundas Street, so passengers connecting to Bloor station must walk for some 200 m along Dundas and Bloor Streets. Since the subway platforms happen to extend eastward from the station entrance, a direct tunnel from the GO station to the other end of the subway station would be relatively short. In March 2011, Metrolinx announced plans to improve the Bloor Street entrance by tunnelling a small concourse next to the sidewalk, and to create a second access from the TTC platforms in an under-track tunnel. In the fall of 2012 GO started construction on station improvements that are scheduled to be completed in early 2015, but this work does not include an underground TTC connection.[5] [6] In February 2014 GO Transit reported that the station was taking shape and that they continue "to work with the TTC to build a future seamless underground connection".[7]


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