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Clare "Blossom" Elfman (née Bernstein) is an American novelist.


She was married to Milton Elfman (1915-2001), for 53 years until his death in 2001.[1] Milton was an elementary school teacher and he served in the Army Air Corps during WWII.

"Blossom," as she is known, and Milton are the parents of writer, director and publisher Richard Elfman, born March 2, 1949, and musician and composer Danny Elfman, born May 29, 1953. Blossom was also step-mother to Judith Faye Elfman. Judy was born in 1943 and was Milton's daughter by his first wife. Judy began residing with the Elfmans in California when she turned 18. She married Lawrence Belfer in 1957 and they resided in Redondo Beach, CA. On April 29, 2012, Judy passed away from complications from "mad cow disease" at age 68. She left behind three grandchildren. Clare was mother-in-law to Danny Elfman's first wife, Geri. The year they married and divorced is unknown at this time. They had two daughters, Lola Marie, born 1979 and Mali, born 1984. Both are very accomplished in their own rights. Lola is a successful political activist and Mali is an actress and producer.[2]

During the mid-90s Danny was in a relationship with Caroline Thompson. Between 1998 to 2002 he had met actress Bridget Fonda on several occasions. In March 2002, Danny and Bridget announced their engagement and on November 29, 2003, they were married.

Clare is now mother-in-law to Bridget Fonda Elfman. In mid-January 2005 Danny and Bridget welcomed a son, Oliver, Clare's newest grandson. Richard Elfman was married to Marie-Pascale and they had two sons, Bodhi and Louis.

Clare is the grandmother of actor and producer Bodhi Elfman[3] and his brother, writer/producer, Louis. They are the sons of Richard and his former wife, Marie-Pascale. Bodhi married actress Jenna Elfman making her the actress' grandmother-in-law. Bodhi and Jenna have two sons, born in 2007 and 2010.


Blossom Elfman, writing under "Clare Elfman," is senior literary editor of Buzzine, which is owned and operated by Elfman family members.

Adaptations of Novels[edit]

Adaptations of Elfman novels 'The Girls of Huntington House' was produced as a film and 'I Think I'm Having a Baby' received an Emmy as a television movie.

Elfman is currently adapting and producing her most recent novel, 'The Case of the Pederast's Wife,' about the wife of Oscar Wilde, as a stage musical. She is adapting her historical-fiction novel, 'Strawberry Fields of Heaven,' about the sexually experimentive 19th century Oneida Community, as a screenplay to be produced as a motion picture.


  • The Girls of Huntington House (1972)
  • A House for Jonnie O. (1977)
  • The Sister Act (1979)
  • The Butterfly Girl (1980)
  • Return of Whistler (1982)
  • I Think I'm Having a Baby (1982)
  • The Strawberry Fields of Heaven (1983)
  • The Haunted Heart (1987)
  • Love Me Deadly (1989)
  • Tell Me No Lies (Mike and Ally Mystery, No 2) (1989)
  • The Ghost-Sitter (Mike and Ally Mystery, No 3) (1990)
  • The Curse of the Dancing Doll (Mike and Ally Mystery) (1991)
  • The Case of the Pederast's Wife (2005)[4]


  • The Girls of Huntington House (1973)
  • CBS Afternoon Playhouse: I think I'm Having a Baby (1981)


  • The Girls of Huntington House won the ALA Best Book for Young Adults Award in 1972
  • A House for Jonnie O. won the ALA Best Book for Young Adults Award in 1977[5]
  • CBS Afternoon Playhouse: I think I'm Having a Baby won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Children's Programming


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