Blown Away (1994 film)

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For the 1992 film of the same name starring Corey Haim and Corey Feldman, see Blown Away (1992 film). For the Carrie Underwood album see Blown Away (album). For the single by Carrie Underwood see Blown Away (song).
Blown Away
Blow Away 1994 Film Poster.jpg
Directed by Stephen Hopkins
Produced by Pen Densham
Richard Barton Lewis
John Watson
Written by John Rice
Joe Batteer
Jay Roach
Starring Jeff Bridges
Tommy Lee Jones
Suzy Amis
Forest Whitaker
Lloyd Bridges
Music by Alan Silvestri
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Release dates July 1, 1994
Running time 121 minutes
Country United States
Language English/Irish
Box office $30,155,037 (USA)

Blown Away is a 1994 action thriller film starring Jeff Bridges and Tommy Lee Jones. It was directed by Stephen Hopkins.


Ryan Gaerity (Tommy Lee Jones), an Irish terrorist, escapes from his cell in a castle prison in Northern Ireland, killing a guard and his cellmate in the process, after turning a toilet into a bomb.

In faraway Boston, meanwhile, Lt. Jimmy Dove (Jeff Bridges) is a veteran bomb disposal technician for the Boston Police Department bomb squad. His captain, partner and friends on the SWAT team are irritated because he frequently "plays the hero" and rushes in to disarm explosives personally, occasionally bypassing protocols and procedure. Frequently perceived as cocky for his knowledge and unusually risky methods to rescue potential victims, he nonetheless has a stellar record within the department.

Nobody, except for his uncle Max (played by Jeff's real life father Lloyd Bridges), knows the truth: Jimmy hates defusing bombs and he is terrified of doing it every time. Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Jimmy's actual name is Liam McGivney and he was a member of an unspecified Northern Ireland terrorist cell. He had been friends and partners with Gaerity, who, unbeknownst to Liam, was a freelance terrorist with no true allegiance to their cause. After a botched attempt to stop Gaerity in an operation that would have incurred a great deal of collateral damage and civilian casualties, Liam's actions led to Gaerity's imprisonment and the death of Liam's girlfriend (Gaerity's sister), Liam fled to Boston and became Jimmy Dove, eventually joining the bomb squad as penance for his past actions. Max told Dove to be careful after he came to Boston to keep his past a secret, but he also encourages Jimmy to quit being a police officer, as he believes he's done enough to atone for his past.

Gaerity comes to Boston to seek vengeance against Jimmy, who is semi-retired but working as an instructor. Gaerity gets a job as a janitor, in order to get close to Dove and his friends. Gaerity begins taunting his old protégé with threats and his homemade explosives and causing the deaths of Jimmy's colleagues Blanket, Cortez and Rita. With his new family now in danger, Jimmy reveals his secret to his wife Kate (Suzy Amis).

After he tells her, Kate decides to go into hiding. Jimmy returns to action to hunt for Gaerity, while rookie technician Anthony Franklin (Forest Whitaker) investigates Jimmy, suspecting a connection between the two. Dove tries to tell Max to stay away from Gaerity, but Max decides to help stop the madman himself, when Dove tells him he doesn't want Max to get involved in his business. Max finds Gaerity in a bar and contacts Dove, but Gaerity gets into a fight with Max in a bathroom. Dove received Max's phone call, but arrives too late.

Max is kidnapped by Gaerity and later released in a schoolyard with a bomb strapped to him triggered by both motion and timer devices. Dove arrives shortly before the timer runs out and, while he briefly leaves to get his tools, Max stands up and triggers the motion sensor on the bomb, killing himself, because he knew that Dove would only have been himself killed as well while trying to save Max's life. Dove proceeds to track Gaerity to his steamboat hideout, booby-trapped with explosives. After a brief fight, he cuffs himself to Gaerity, prepared to die in order to keep his secret and prevent any more deaths. He is saved by Franklin at the last minute, leaving Gaerity to die when the boat detonates in a massive fireball.

Dove and Franklin hurry to reach a performance of the Boston Pops orchestra before it ends. They need to get to Kate, a musician, in time to rescue her (after Gaerity reveals that he has booby-trapped her car). After a harrowing chase, they disarm the bomb.

Franklin tells Dove that he knows his secret, but will leave the matter alone if Dove lets Franklin be the hero and take all the credit for taking down Gaerity. Franklin wonders if Dove will ever get tired of being a hero. Dove gives Franklin his badge and gun and walks away with his family.



Blown Away earned mostly negative reviews from critics, holding a 28% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 18 reviews. The film was widely criticized for the poor Irish accents of the three Irish characters, with Tommy Lee Jones' portrayal of Ryan Gaerity particularly receiving the harshest criticism.[1]


The VHS of the film was released in December 1994. The UK rental tape of the film notably featured a Tango Orange advertisement in the trailers at the start which was banned from television for being frightening.

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