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Blue Bloods (season 3)
Blue Bloods S3 DVD.jpg
Region 1 DVD cover art
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 23
Original run September 28, 2012 (2012-09-28) – May 10, 2013 (2013-05-10)
Home video release
DVD release
Region 1 September 10, 2013 (2013-09-10)[1]
Region 2 October 13, 2013 (2013-10-13)[2]
Region 4 March 5, 2014 (2014-03-05)[3]
Season chronology
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List of Blue Bloods episodes

The third season of Blue Bloods, a police procedural drama series created by Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess, premiered on CBS on September 28, 2012. Leonard Goldberg serves as executive producer.

According to TV by the Numbers, committing to a third season of Blue Bloods means that CBS is all but guaranteed to commit to a fourth season.[4] This is because as a CBS Television Studios production, CBS has a financial incentive to produce at least the minimum number of episodes needed for stripped syndication.[4] On March 27, 2013, CBS made it official by renewing Blue Bloods for a fourth season to begin in the fall of 2013.[5]


Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Will Estes and Len Cariou are first credited, with Tom Selleck receiving an "and" billing at the close of the main title sequence. Amy Carlson and Sami Gayle are once again credited as "also starring" within the episodes they appear, whilst Jennifer Esposito entered a dispute with CBS regarding doctor's orders for her to cut back working hours due to her Coeliac disease. Rather than work around her limited schedule, CBS chose to replace her character this season. As such, Esposito only appears in six episodes, receiving "also starring" billing in all of them.

CBS has lined up guest stars to replace Esposito as Danny's temporary partner in story arcs. First up is Megan Ketch as Detective Kate Lansing.[6] Megan Boone, from Law & Order, appeared in later arcs during the season, although her contract stipulates she has the option to remain as a regular, "also starring" member of the cast should a deal not be reached with Esposito before the fourth season.[7] Marisa Ramirez appeared in the final seven episodes as Danny's partner, Det. Maria Baez.


No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date U.S. viewers
45 1 "Family Business" Alex Chapple Brian Burns September 28, 2012 (2012-09-28) 11.22[8]
A criminal (Michael Madsen) with a grudge against Danny is released from prison, kidnaps Jackie, and ultimately puts Danny in danger. Jamie is assigned a new partner, the brash, fast-talking Vinny Cruz (Sebastian Sozzi). Elsewhere, Frank counsels a young officer who is despondent after accidentally shooting an innocent man.
46 2 "Domestic Disturbance" Michael Pressman Ian Biederman October 5, 2012 (2012-10-05) 9.77[9]
Danny and Jackie investigate an assault call in which a woman named Angela (Lili Mirojnick) changes her story after they arrive, stating she fell down the stairs. Their investigation leads them to Councilman Tommy Mancini (Richard Burgi), a friend and former colleague of Frank's. Meanwhile, Danny has concerns about Linda returning to her job at the hospital.
47 3 "Old Wounds" John Polson Siobhan Byrne-O'Connor October 12, 2012 (2012-10-12) 10.53[10]
Danny and Jackie believe a vigilante is on the loose when two separate shooting victims are both revealed to be members of a four-man group who gang-raped a young woman but were released due to inconclusive evidence. Erin faces her ex-husband Jack Boyle (Peter Hermann) in court, and advises him against getting Nicki's hopes up with news that he may be moving back to New York. Meanwhile, Frank deals with the winner of the "Commissioner for a Day" contest, a young man who is determined to get the police to take a stronger interest in finding his mother's killer.
48 4 "Scorched Earth" Peter Werner Dawn DeNoon October 19, 2012 (2012-10-19) 10.29[11]
Danny and Jackie are initially assigned the case of a bride who is murdered in a drive-by gang shooting on her wedding day, but Danny gets pulled off to protect the unpopular leader of a foreign nation who is in town for an operation and believed to be an assassination target. Vinny Cruz arrests a young man who proves critical to the drive-by shooting investigation, but Jamie is worried that his partner performed an unjustified stop of the suspect that will jeopardize the case.
49 5 "Risk and Reward" Ralph Hemecker Thomas Kelly October 26, 2012 (2012-10-26) 11.06[12]
A detective gets abducted shortly after getting an award for his undercover work in Malaysia, so Frank has Danny search for the Malaysian drug lord who's holding the detective hostage. Elsewhere, Henry does a ride-along with Jamie and Vinny, and seems to side with Vinny when it comes to handling a family dispute that has resulted in multiple calls. These opinions do not sit well with Jamie.
50 6 "Greener Grass" Ralph Hemecker Daniel Truly November 2, 2012 (2012-11-02) 11.05[13]
When Erin's key witness, an infamous photographer, is nearly killed in a hit and run, she arranges for Danny to work protection detail to safeguard him. Meanwhile, Jamie and Vinny bust a drug operation. Elsewhere Frank confronts Henry about his driving and tries to convince him to hand over his keys, and they end up in a fight. Danny and Linda are having money troubles and when Erin's witness offers Danny a high paying job, he and Linda consider it.
51 7 "Nightmares" John Polson Kevin Wade November 9, 2012 (2012-11-09) 11.32[14]

An investigation into a stabbing death finds Danny and interim partner Detective Kate Lansing face-to-face with a Voodoo community. Erin and Nicki take Jack and Sean out for trick-or-treating. Garrett shares a dark secret with Frank. Jamie tries to help a disturbed elderly man (Ken Howard) who continues to enter a building searching for his doctor despite being told that there is no doctor. Curatola reappears in the final scene and cleans out her desk, telling Danny she needs to take a leave of absence due to stress.

Note: This is Jennifer Esposito's final appearance on the show.
52 8 "Higher Education" Robert Harmon Ian Biederman November 30, 2012 (2012-11-30) 11.31[15]
Danny and Kate investigate a murdered college student who was dealing drugs on campus, which forces them to work with aggressive narcotics detective Eddie Stone (Dash Mihok). Jamie reconnects with a former college acquaintance (Laura Breckenridge) who is helping the homeless. They meet again when Jamie comes to her aid when she is badly beaten up on the street. Later, he walks out on their dinner-date when she suggests he joined the police force to avenge the death of his brother, Joe. Meanwhile, Erin forbids Nicki from going to a college party with a 19-year old male, and gets angry when Frank won't openly back up her stance in front of Nicki.
53 9 "Secrets and Lies" David M. Barrett Siobhan Byrne-O'Connor December 7, 2012 (2012-12-07) 11.17[16]
Linda helps Danny and Kate in a case when she overhears a shooting victim in her hospital telling a visiting priest the first name of the responsible party. Danny visits the priest, but gets no further as the hospital meeting was considered a confidential confession. Meanwhile, Henry is mugged and beaten at an ATM, and Jamie must fight back his rage when he encounters the perpetrator.
54 10 "Fathers and Sons" Michael Pressman Brian Burns January 4, 2013 (2013-01-04) 10.18[17]
Danny's son Sean suffers a head injury while riding his bicycle with Erin and Nicky. He is taken to the hospital unconscious and the family is told it will take time for him to wake up. Meanwhile, people who drive gas-guzzling vehicles become the targets of a sniper (Paul Anthony Stewart). His ammunition consists of lead alternatives and he leaves trash from a green market at the crime scene. Danny and Kate track down the head of an environmental movement (Neal Huff), who points the finger at an ex-military man he believes committed the crime. Interspersed within the initial investigation, Danny visits Sean in the hospital and prays to his deceased brother Joe to intervene and help Sean recover. Danny leaves and he and Kate find the accused sniper dead from an apparent suicide. Danny notices the man appeared to have shot himself with his right hand, despite it being a recorded fact that he was left handed. He was hence murdered and Danny comes to the conclusion that the environmental chief set them up. Knowing that his time is up, the environmental chief tries to flee from Danny on foot, but is hit by an SUV (ironically, the same type of car that the sniper would have targeted) and incurs a broken leg, allowing him to be caught. Back at the hospital, Sean wakes up with Danny and Frank nearby. Danny then visits Joe's grave and utters 'Thanks, kiddo.'
55 11 "Front Page News" Robert Harmon Dawn DeNoon January 11, 2013 (2013-01-11) 11.22[18]
Jamie must deal with the emotional consequences of his actions on the job, after he shoots and kills a man posing a potential threat to a park's neighborhood. The fatal shooting was the man's apparent attempt at suicide by cop, revealing that he was of unstable mind and hiding a secret from his past. In order to deal with the aftermath of the shooting, Jamie must attend a trauma debriefing by an NYPD psychologist (Annabella Sciorra). Danny investigates the suicide in order to help Jamie overcome his trauma. Meanwhile, Erin questions Mayor Poole on the witness stand regarding an embezzling case involving his campaign consultant. At the family dinner, Frank reveals that Erin would be able to know if the mayor was lying if he scratches his head, which Frank knows from winning a poker game with the mayor. The Mayor continuously avoids being questioned on the stand, alerting Erin to the fact that he may not wish to lie under oath. Following the conclusion of the trial with the mayor's employee pleading guilty to the charges, Erin questions Mayor Poole, asking him if he had lied about withholding evidence. To this he replied 'no,' but after walking away scratches his head, revealing that he indeed lied to Erin. Later, Frank, Danny and Jamie sit around the kitchen table, contemplating the fact that they are all in the 10 percent of police officers who discharge their weapons and end up killing someone — a group Frank says, 'that no one wishes to be in.'
56 12 "Framed" David M. Barrett Daniel Truly January 18, 2013 (2013-01-18) 11.64[19]
Linda tasks Danny with obtaining a chocolate cheesecake for the upcoming Sunday dinner from Wojcik's, a Polish bakery he used to frequent as a child. At work, Danny informs Sergeant Gormley (Robert Clohessy) that numerous assault victims in a case he and Kate are investigating had been using the same bookie, who was issuing warnings to pay outstanding debts. Kate adds that a black book the bookie uses to record all of his dealings would give them the break they need. Danny asks ADA Ward (Thom Barry) for a search warrant for the black book. After work, Danny arrives at Wojcik's past its closing time, as the bakery's owner (Michael Kostroff) is cleaning the store. Danny reminds the owner of the Reagans' connection to the bakery, and the order gets placed. While Danny is driving home, a police officer pulls him over, saying his car matched a description of a vehicle involved in a drug deal. He is taken into custody when a bag of cocaine is found in the back of his Jeep. At home, Frank tells Linda that it is imperative that the Reagan family stay out of this case, as any involvement may jeopardize both Danny and their reputations. Henry secretly asks Erin's ex-husband Jack (Peter Hermann) to represent Danny in his internal affairs jam. At the precinct, Danny gets interviewed by IAB Investigator Captain Elwood (Nestor Serrano), who doubts his version of events. Jamie confronts Mr. Wojcik, knowing that Danny's car was stopped after leaving there, but Wojcik nervously denies knowing anything. Meanwhile, Danny's off-duty weapon is stolen from his house and matches the ballistics involved in the bookie shooting. Danny initially suspects Kate after seeing her talking to Elwood and learns that she once worked for IAB. Frank asks DCPI Moore to dig into Elwood's background. Garrett infers to Kate that "one of our own" is setting up Danny. After the elusive black book is found, it is discovered that Captain Elwood owed a lot of money to the bookie. Danny is then exonerated from all charges. Kate tells Danny that she's returning to IAB. At Sunday dinner, Linda asks whether or not Frank helped Danny out in any way. He, Henry and Jamie all humorously deny any involvement.
57 13 "Inside Jobs" Alex Hall Kevin Wade February 1, 2013 (2013-02-01) 11.50[20]
Danny and his new partner Candice "Mac" McElroy (Megan Boone), an Airborne war veteran, investigate a man being dumped out of a cab after a rat is found gnawing on him. Meanwhile, Erin is asked by society "goddess" Sophia Franza (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) to head a cancer charity during a fund-raiser that is soon overcome with rats. The two instances become linked as Jamie learns the rats were deliberately released by the cab victim, who confesses to have made a deal with Franza. Meanwhile, bigoted radio show host Curtis Swint (Mark Moses) is in town to make a speech, and wishes to meet with Frank to get his support on the First Amendment's freedom of speech issue. Swint condemns New York City's diverse citizens and assumes Frank would be supportive because he is white. He asks Frank to ensure security at his upcoming speech at an auditorium in the city. Frank says he supports Swint's right to speak, but in response, he leads over a hundred racially diverse uniformed officers into the auditorium to provide for Swint's protection.
58 14 "Men in Black" Alex Chapple Story by: Ish Goldstein
Teleplay by: Ish Goldstein & Ian Biederman
February 8, 2013 (2013-02-08) 11.24[21]
Solomon (David Marguiles), the Grand Rebbe of the Morganthal family is preparing to die. He confides to his friend Henry that he is breaking with Hasidic tradition in asking younger son Levi (Yuval Boirn) to be the head of the family, as Levi is the most ready. Custom states the role should fall to elder son Jacob (Stephen Kunken). However, Levi is soon stabbed to death. Henry asks Danny to take the case. Levi's widow Rivka (Melissa Errico) offers no clues nor help on the case, as she is protected by Asher Lefko (Darren Goldstein). It is revealed that Levi had a mistress, Karen Waters (Susan Misner) and that Rivka wanted a divorce. Evidence leads Danny to believe Asher is the killer. They arrest Rivka to trick Asher into confessing. Meanwhile, Henry reveals to Frank that he had a brother who had died of leukemia after only 18 months. Frank's parents kept the secret from him all his life, but Frank had learned his brother's name, Peter Christopher, even if he waited for the truth from Henry. At the family dinner, Frank is asked which of his children should be his successor. He answers that all of them have different qualities that would make each an apt successor. Henry then gives Frank a photo of Peter.
59 15 "Warriors" Oz Scott Siobhan Byrne-O'Connor February 15, 2013 (2013-02-15) 10.73[22]
Danny investigates the shooting of 10-year-old Devon (Christopher Martinez) in a building filled with drug dealers and gang members. Letitia (Victoria Cartagena), Devon's mother, gives him the name of Tiny Martinez, who later admits the "hit" was intended for Letitia. When she later wonders who would want her dead, Danny asks about Devon's father. She mentions Daryl being angry that he lost custody of Devon but is in prison for manslaughter. Danny learns Daryl had been released a week prior to the shooting. He then receives a call that Daryl has just taken Devon from the hospital. Danny and the sergeant deduce that father and son are about to leave town by bus. Eventually, Daryl hands the gun and his son over to Danny. Meanwhile, Garrett and an uncomfortable Frank attend a charity banquet. There, Frank meets Turkish musician Isabelle Nasser (Sheetal Sheth), who informs him that she cannot return to her native country. Isabelle has had sex with an American conductor, thus disgracing her family who will have her killed. Frank is told to turn her over to the State Department and stay out of it. The State Department, citing no hard evidence to support Isabelle's claims, orders that she must return to Turkey. Ultimately, Frank uses his connections to get Isabelle a job with the New York Philharmonic. Her work visa allows her to remain in the U.S.
60 16 "Quid Pro Quo" Alex Zakrzewski Brian Burns February 22, 2013 (2013-02-22) 11.21[23]
A basketball game gets ugly as a fight breaks out, forcing Danny to arrest a friend who punched an opposing player for pushing him around and calling him "fat." Jamie later learns the assaulted man, a friend of his from law school, has hired an "ambulance chaser" and instigated the fight in order to get money. Frank is interviewed by a TV reporter who brings up a condemning quote about him that is revealed to have come from a colleague. When Garrett admits to making the statement back before he really knew Frank, he tries to get it edited out even though Frank is okay with it being aired. Erin is approached by Nathan Anderson, who hopes she can solve his murdered daughter Jenny's cold case from 1998. Nathan strongly feels his daughter's boyfriend Richard Roark, a very rich and powerful man, should be the prime suspect. Erin enlists Danny's help. Nathan gives them Jenny's necklace which has blood on it. The blood sample was too small to test in 1998, but Danny states that DNA testing has advanced greatly in the last 15 years and has it tested again. The lab work leads the detectives to Richard's father, Preston. Richard confronts his father, assuming he killed her because he thought Jenny wasn't good enough for his son.
61 17 "Protest Too Much" Larry Teng Dawn DeNoon March 8, 2013 (2013-03-08) 10.72[24]
Amid protests over the NYPD's new "stop, question and search" policy, Erin and the entire Reagan family are targeted by a protest group's photographer, who is publishing the photos to a website. When a rape victim that Erin is preparing for trial appears in some of the photos, Erin confronts the photographer. Danny and Detective Maria Baez investigate a young "Bonnie & Clyde" type couple who rob a bank and steal an off-duty police officer's gun in the process, but the intrusion of the FBI threatens their progress. Elsewhere, Frank considers getting romantically involved with an ACLU representative named Whitney (Sarah Wynter), who is an acquaintance of Erin's and close to Erin's age.
62 18 "No Regrets" David M. Barrett Daniel Truly March 15, 2013 (2013-03-15) 10.41[25]
Danny and Maria investigate a string of murders that appear to be random, and try to find a connection. Their investigation leads them to interview a former prosecutor and colleague of Erin's, when it is revealed that all of the shooting victims beat previous murder raps or served very short sentences. Jamie tries to figure out why a young boy ran to him in the street for protection, and discovers the boy comes from a troubled household. Meanwhile, Frank meets up with a former astronaut and long-time friend, and learns his friend may have a serious drinking problem.
63 19 "Loss of Faith" James Whitmore, Jr. Seth Pearlman April 5, 2013 (2013-04-05) 10.99[26]
When a Catholic female college student is found dead and lying in a local cemetery, Danny and Maria investigate possible connections to her Muslim love interest and her decision to convert to Islam. Meanwhile, Jamie, Vinny and Renzulli are part of a group that Frank has organized to track down a former NYPD officer, after discovering that the recently dismissed man is directing his deadly anger toward all other NYPD officers.
64 20 "Ends and Means" John Polson Ian Biederman April 12, 2013 (2013-04-12) 10.65[27]
Erin's excitement over being named Deputy Trial Bureau Chief is tempered when she learns that the Chief who gave her the promotion had ignored video evidence in a previous rape case that might have exonerated the suspect. Danny and Maria witness a shooting in a drug deal-gone-bad that kills one person and badly wounds another. Danny goes to the hospital needing "30 seconds" to get the name of the shooter from the wounded man as he is being rushed into surgery, but Linda refuses to violate hospital procedure and tells Danny he must wait until the man is out of surgery. After the victim dies on the operating table and the shooter takes another life, Danny appears to blame Linda, leading to a heated argument. The shooter is eventually apprehended, but not before he scuffles with Danny, causing considerable injuries. Meanwhile, Jamie helps Sean build a soap box derby car to compete in an annual race, with a grudge against a rival family of firefighters that goes back four generations at stake. Frank discovers Henry tinkering with the car, and learns that all of the Reagan victories against the rival family may be tainted.
65 21 "Devil's Breath" Alex Chapple Siobhan Byrne O'Connor April 26, 2013 (2013-04-26) 10.46[28]
Danny and Maria investigate the strange case of a man found outside a hotel covered in blood, which turns out to be the blood from his murdered girlfriend. The man has no recollection of the events from the previous night, and his blood work confirms that he was under the influence of a drug called "devil's breath." Concurrently, an off-duty police officer who had just left a retirement party thwarts an armed robbery-in-progress without any shots being fired. When Jamie smells alcohol on the officer's breath, he tries to help the man cover up the fact that he'd been drinking, but the two are caught by Jamie's C.O. Meanwhile, Nicki faces a suspension from school when she is found to be organizing a protest against random locker searches, and Erin intervenes.
66 22 "The Bitter End" Christine Moore Brian Burns May 3, 2013 (2013-05-03) 10.02[29]
Vinny and Jamie answer a call that leads them to the Bitterman housing project, where Vinny grew up and which the locals call "The Bitter End." A young woman who wants out of gang life commits suicide in front of Jamie and Vinny, killing herself and her infant son. Danny feels responsible, as he told the woman and her sister almost 13 years ago, after their parents were killed, that he'd protect them. Meanwhile, Santana (Kamar de los Reyes), leader of the Los Lordes gang that terrorizes The Bitter End, declares war on the department, resulting in a casualty that hits close to home for the Reagans. Concurrently, Frank butts heads with Erin and the D.A. over their unofficial policy of dropping cases involving residents of the Bitterman project when witnesses choose not to testify.
67 23 "This Way Out" Peter Werner Kevin Wade May 10, 2013 (2013-05-10) 10.30[30]
During a town hall meeting at the Bitterman Projects, Mayor Poole is shot by Hector Santiago, a mentally slow resident of the projects. Grace Newhouse takes over as mayor while Poole is recovering in hospital. Newhouse threatens Frank Reagan's job unless he cleans up the Bitterman Projects. Jamie believes Santiago is being badly treated by the interviewing detectives and/or other police officers, and takes his complaint to his father. Santiago tells Jamie that the people who gave him the gun said it was just a toy, and that firing it would be seen as a harmless prank. Santana's girlfriend is arrested with his drugs, so to try and cover his tracks he orders a hit on her in prison. This attempt fails and she agrees to testify against him. With the necessary evidence and warrants now in hand, Frank organizes raids on the Bitterman Projects where Santana and over 40 of the Los Lordes gang are arrested. The season ends with Linda asking the entire family to go on a beach vacation on Long Island, which they all agree to.


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