Blue Mountain Tunnel

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Blue Mountain Tunnel
Blue Mountain Tunnel portal.jpg
The western portal of the Blue Mountain Tunnel
Location Blue Mountain
Route Pennsylvania Turnpike
Length 4,339 feet (1,322 m)

The Blue Mountain Tunnel is one of two tunnels through Blue Mountain in Pennsylvania, located west of Newburg. It is one of seven tunnels completed for the Pennsylvania Turnpike mainline, and at 4,339 feet (1,323 m) in length, is the shortest of the four still in use today. The Blue Mountain Tunnel is 600 ft (180 m) to the east of the Kittatinny Mountain Tunnel, separated by the Gunter Valley.[1]

See also[edit]

  • Lehigh Tunnel - On the Northeast Extension, also cuts through Blue Mountain.


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Coordinates: 40°08′46″N 77°39′06″W / 40.146°N 77.6517°W / 40.146; -77.6517