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Blue Sky Network
Industry Flight tracking, Fleet, Asset, GPS Satellite Tracking, Management, AFF
Founded 2001
Headquarters La Jolla, California
Products SkyRouter, D1000-series, Hawkeye 5000-series, HawkEye 7200 (HE7200), HawkEye Portable Tracker Plus (HEPTPlus), HawkEye Portable Tracker (HEPT), ACH1000, HawkEyeLink (HELINK), Iridium GO!, Iridium Extreme 9575 satellite phone, Iridium 9555 satellite phone]
Slogan Satellite tracking, fleet management and automated flight monitoring solutions

Blue Sky Network is a global satellite technology company that offers solutions to support fleet managers and operators on the ground who monitor land, marine[1] and aviation assets. The company was founded in 2001 and its headquarters in La Jolla, California.

Blue Sky Network[edit]

Blue Sky Network offers fixed and portable hardware that allows pilots or drivers to communicate with the fleet management center. When combined with SkyRouter, a cloud-based global mapping web portal, Blue Sky Network’s two-way messaging transceivers provide remote monitoring of assets through GPS position reports.[2] In aviation applications, automated flight following via SkyRouter allows the transmission of satellite messages from aircraft to dispatchers on the ground in the form of special events reports, such as updates on take-offs and landings, as well as telemetric data reports, and emergency location. Asset movement can be tracked on a global map made possible by communication of the transceiver hardware with the Iridium satellite network.[3][4] The digital map of the globe and database of information concerning the status of assets in transit, specifically planes, ships and land vehicles. This web portal allows its users to see the location of a particular asset, follow its progress and note important events, such as an emergency situation. For example, Polar First[5][dead link] attempted to circumnavigate the globe by way of the North and South poles in 2003, but the expedition ended with their helicopter crashing into an ice sheet. SkyRouter, and the rest of Blue Sky Network’s system, directed emergency crews to the exact position of the downed helicopter, helping to save the lives of the crew members. SkyRouter also enables the pilot and operators on the ground to communicate by sending two-way messages via their respective screens. Both the communications solutions and global tracking are made possible by transceivers that are installed in the asset. The transceivers both transmit and receive data signals, constantly updating the position and events associated with the assets.

Blue Sky Network’s line of products includes fixed-install, portable and handheld satellite tracking and SATCOM solutions: D1000 series, ACH1000, HawkEye Link (HELINK), Hawkeye 5300 (HE5300), HawkEye 5200 (HE5200), HawkEye 7200 (HE7200), Iridium GO!, HawkEye Portable Trackers (HEPT, HEPTPlus), Iridium 9555 and Iridium Extreme 9575 satellite phones.


In 2001, Blue Sky Network was founded and its headquarters are in La Jolla, California.

In 2008, Líder Aviação, began using Blue Sky Networks technology in their fleet of 40 helicopters.[6]

In January 2011, Blue Sky Network Introduced Dual-Mode Iridium/GSM Device, HawkEye 5300 (HE5300)

In July 2012, Blue Sky Network announced the launch of its New SkyRouter, a cloud-based fleet management portal for aviation, land mobile, and marine assets.[7]

In 2014, Blue Sky Network announced the launch of a Mobile App for iOS.[8]


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