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For other "Blue Train" songs, see Blue Train (disambiguation).
"Blue Train"
Single by Asian Kung-Fu Generation
from the album Fanclub
Released November 30, 2005
Format CD single
Genre Indie rock
Length 4:19
Label Ki/oon
Writer(s) Masafumi Gotō
Producer(s) Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Asian Kung-Fu Generation singles chronology
"Kimi no Machi Made"
"Blue Train"
"World Apart"

"Blue Train" (ブルートレイン Burū Torein?) is a song by Japanese rock band Asian Kung-Fu Generation. It was released as the first single of their third studio album, Fanclub, on November 30, 2005.[1] The song entered the top five on the Oricon charts and sold well over 100,000 copies by 2006, becoming the 94th single of the year. Arguably, it has the most complex drum track that drummer Kiyoshi Ijichi plays out of Ajikan's other songs The song's b-side, "Road Movie," was also the first recording in which Takahiro Yamada held the position of lead singer.[verification needed] Also, the song "Gekkō" is the first song where Kiyoshi Ijichi plays piano, instrument he was enough good with, but during his teenage years, he was more interested with drums, but never quit Piano and has always dreamed about having one or two songs composed by him with a piano in it.

Music video[edit]

The music video for "Blue Train" was directed by Kazuyoshi Oku.[2] The PV premiered on air on Gogoichi -Space Shower Chart Show- on November 13, 2005. It displays the band waiting at a metro station for a train. In 2006, the video earned AKG their third consecutive win at the SPACE SHOWER Music Video Awards when it won Best Group Video.[3]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Blue Train" (ブルートレイン Burū Torein?)
  2. "Road Movie" (ロードムービー Rōdomūbī?)
  3. "Tobenai Sakana" (飛べない魚?, Flightless Fish)
  4. "Gekkō" (月光?, Moonlight)



Year Chart Peak
2005 Oricon 5

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