Blue and White (Duke fight song)

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"Blue and White" is one of the two official fight songs of Duke University, along with "Fight! Blue Devils, Fight!"

The lyrics and music were written by G.E. Leftwich, Jr.[1][2]

Duke, we thy anthems raise
For all thy praises untold;
We'll sing for the Blue and White
Whose colors we uphold.
Firm stands her line of blue
For they are loyal through and through,
Fighting with the spirit true
All for the love of old D.U.
Fight, we'll fight with all our strength and might;
Win, we can! So here we give a hand:
Hey, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah,
D-U-K-E Rah![1][3]


  • Some students articulate the words "Blue and White" to emphasis their love for Duke University, when the song is played. In addition, the students chant a separate "D-U-K-E" at the end of the song.

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