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Privately Held
Industry Cosmetics & Beauty
Founded 1999
Founder Marla Malcolm Beck
Barry Beck
Headquarters Georgetown, Washington, DC
Number of locations
61 in U.S., in addition to an online store

Bluemercury, Inc. is an American chain of luxury beauty product stores and spas founded in Georgetown, Washington, DC in 1999, by Marla Malcolm Beck and Barry Jon Beck. The Bluemercury chain includes 61 locations throughout the U.S. located primarily in upscale shopping districts.


Bluemercury was founded by Marla Malcolm Beck and her husband Barry Jon Beck in 1999.[1] Marla came up with the concept for Bluemercury, a friendly neighborhood store with expertly trained staff, while a student at Harvard Business School. [2]

Photo of the Bluemercury store in Corte Madera, CA. Shot in 2013.

The first Bluemercury store was opened in Georgetown, Washington, DC in 1999. Most recently, they opened two additional stores in Manhattan, where they have six stores in total. In 2014, Bluemercury opened additional stores in cities including Seattle, Washington; Portland, OR; Atlanta, GA; and Chestnut Hill, MA.

In February of 2015, Bluemercury was acquired by Macy's Inc. for $210 million. The company remains headquartered in Washington, D.C. [3]


Marla Malcolm Beck and Barry Jon Beck founded Bluemercury in 1999.[4]

Marla Malcolm Beck is the CEO of Bluemercury and leads Bluemercury’s merchandising, marketing, planning and store operations teams. From 1999–2006, she served as Bluemercury Inc.’s Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Barry Jon Beck is the COO and oversees all aspects of Bluemercury’s operations including real estate, product development, finance, and acquisitions. Mr. Beck developed the original store retail model after the acquisition and development of the first Bluemercury store. He currently sits on Bluemercury's Board of Directors, a position he has held since the company's inception.

Brands and Services Offered[edit]

Bluemercury carries a variety of beauty products for men and women from over 100 brands including Laura Mercier, Clinique, La Mer, Diptyque, Bobbi Brown, and Oribe, as well as the Beck's private cosmeceutical skincare line M-61 Laboratories.

Spa services range from facials and body treatments to brow styling and waxing. Microdermabrasion is available at select locations.

Store Locations[edit]

Bluemercury currently has 61 stores in the U.S. following fourteen store openings in 2014 that resulted in new markets in new states and doubling its presence in existing markets like Boston.[5]

A majority of stores are located in the northeast. Locations on the East Coast include New York City, Bethesda, Maryland, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Boston, Massachusetts and its surrounding areas, Connecticut, and New Jersey, which has more locations than any other state, 12. A number of stores are also found in Metropolitan Washington D.C.

The first Midwestern locations opened in Chicago in 2005, followed by a location in suburban Cleveland in late 2012.[6] In 2013 Bluemercury expanded in the Minneapolis market, as well as Ann Arbor, MI and Metropolitan Detroit. In total eight stores opened in 2013.[7]

In the south stores are located across Virginia, in Jacksonville, FL, Charleston, SC and Atlanta, GA.

Bluemercury is located in Tucson, AZ, Corte Madera, CA, Seattle, WA and Portland, OR on the West Coast.

New locations are expected to open in Dallas, TX and Santa Monica, CA in 2015 as part of 20 to 30 scheduled store openings in the year. New stores will be placed in new markets as well as in existing ones.[8]


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