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Thrify's, Inc.
Type Private
Industry Fashion
Founded Toronto, Ontario, Canada (1984)
Headquarters 220, Yonge st. Toronto Eaton Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thrify's, Inc. (dba Bluenotes) is a Canadian lifestyle clothing brand that was established in 1984. The concept is designed to attract consumers aged 14–24 through its "If Jeans Could Talk" inspired image and casual wear. It has developed into one of Canada's leading denim retailers and was formerly known as Thrifty's.[1]

In the early 1990s, popular American labels like Gap Inc. and Old Navy began to enter the Canadian market and soon Thrifty's was unable to compete in terms of cost and style. Thrifty's' 107 stores were bought out by U.S. retailer American Eagle Outfitters from Dylex and rebranded the store with the Bluenotes name in 2000. This was a difficult challenge for the American retailer, and after several years of losing money, the division was sold to privately owned YM, Inc. in 2004.[2]


Bluenotes uses denim as the base and then sells many other things to outfit their customers' casual lifestyle. They strive to offer the most variety of denim possible, with an emphasis on classic cuts as a base with many "trendy" cuts also available. This is evidenced by the three inseam sizes and large variety of washes offered.

Despite the focus on denim Bluenotes also carries a variety of other clothing items such as polos, graphic tees and woven shirts.

Marketing strategy[edit]

The target market can be described as Generation Y consumers, value-conscious (jeans are priced no higher than $39.50 each), and fit-conscious.

In 2008, ad agency MacLaren McCann created the "If Jeans Could Talk" campaign to link the Bluenotes brand with their denim line. The television ads, website design, and in-store decor promotes a brand personality. This brand personality is the relationship between a favourite of jeans and the experiences and memories that go along with them. Bluenotes targets teenagers and young adults for the clothes.[3]


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