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Blunt Magazine
Executive Editors Andrew Miller
Avik Basu
Categories Art and Culture magazine
Frequency Quarterly
Company Blunt Magazine Inc.
Country Canada
Language English
Website []

Blunt Magazine is a monthly Canadian online magazine published by Blunt Magazine Inc.. Volume collections are printed quarterly and available at newsstands in Toronto, Canada or through the website. Blunt is a theme-based magazine, written by award winning international bloggers. The images found in Blunt Magazine are used with permission from the various photographers and artists that Blunt Magazine talent scouts find while browsing the internet.

Avik Basu is the current managing editor of Blunt Magazine; Andrew Miller is the current deputy managing editor.

Under the Mistletoe[edit]

Organized by Blunt Magazine Inc., Under the Mistletoe is a holiday charitable event held each year (for the past four years) to help raise money for the Toronto Daily Bread Food Bank.

“It is always impressive to see young people getting involved in the community. These guys have been supporters of Daily Bread since their days at Albert Campbell High School. It’s great to see youth moved to action in school, and when they continue their commitment as adults it’s amazing, says Gail Nyberg, executive director at the Daily Bread Food Bank.[1]

Food Drive ‘04[edit]

Blunt Magazine Inc. (formerly known as Tha Playground) “brought 60 local kids from Albert Campbell High School and Franics Libermann High School down to the Daily Bread Food Bank to volunteer over the Christmas break.”

“The success of the event led Miller and his friends to hold a food drive at Albert Campbell, which raised more than six barrels of food that they donated to the Daily Bread Food Bank."[2]


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