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Blutengel Chris Pohl.jpeg
Blutengel's Chris Pohl performing in 2004
Background information
Origin Germany
Genres Dark wave, future pop, gothic, synthpop
Years active 1999–present
Labels Out Of Line Records
Associated acts Seelenkrank
Tristesse de la Lune
Terminal Choice
Miss Construction
Cinderella Effect
Say Y
Waldgeist (project)
Sara Noxx
Members Chris Pohl
Ulrike Goldmann
Past members Nina Bendigkeit
Kati Roloff
Gini Martin
Eva Pölzing
Sonja Semmler
Constance Rudert
Steffi Weingarten
Anja Milow

Blutengel (German: Blood Angel) is a German musical group. It was formed by singer Chris Pohl (also of the groups Terminal Choice, Tumor, and Miss Construction and the owner of the Fear Section label) after he had to leave Seelenkrank due to contractual and legal problems. The lyrics are written primarily in German and English and are presented with male and female vocals.


Formation and Early Years (1998-2001)[edit]

Blutengel was formed in 1998 after Chris Pohl had decided to give up the preceding project, Seelenkrank (which had released two albums), due to contractual problems. Just as its predecessor, Blutengel uses melodious electronic tunes in combination with both male and female voices. The lyrics are primarily in German and/or English and mixed between male and female vocals paired with electronic sounds and with songs often focusing on all aspects of love, from the tragedy of hopeless romance of vampires (all the way to the more animal aspects of desire) and aspects of death and the beyond travel.

The first album Child of Glass, released in early 1999 and soon became popular with the already existing fan community but also attracted a huge number of new fans with songs like "Weg Zu mir" and "Beauty of Suffering". Kati Roloff and Nina Bendigkeit were responsible for the female vocals at that time. However, although the album was still present in the minds of the people, things became quiet for the project itself for quite a long time.

Finally, in 2001, the second album Seelenschmerz was released and initiated a new era in Blutengel's short band history. The band formation changed as Nina had managed to cut her own successful path in the last two years, and Gini Martin joined the band as the second female voice alongside Kati. Catchy songs turned the album into an unexpected success, just missing the German Top 100 Album Charts, spurring Blutengel to appear live in front of fans. The first Blutengel gig ever (two years after the band was actually formed) took place at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen on June 1, 2001, in Leipzig, in front of 10,000 fans. At the end of 2001, the single Black Roses appeared with Constance Rudert as a session singer and the band performed at the Dark Storm Festival in which Constance also appeared in the stage at side of Kati and Gini. However, this was the last time the band would play with its original line-up. Kati and Gini left the band days later for personal and also unknown reasons and founded their own project, Tristesse de la Lune. Constance, who had only been recruited to add some spirit to the single "Black Roses", soon became an inherent part of Blutengel replacing Kati, then Chris Pohl managed to find a second equal female voice in Eva Pölzing, who was found soon afterwards to replace Gini.

Rise of Popularity (2002-2007)[edit]

In 2002, due to the vocal scope they now had, and the move to a studio with new technical opportunities, the band managed to produce a high-quality album, Angel Dust, receiving a huge feedback placing 58th on the Top 100 albums in its first week because of hits like "Vampire Romance," causing Blutengel to become much more popular. The Angel Dust promotional photoshoot and booklet was made by Nina Bendigkeit.

In 2004 their 4th album, Demon Kiss was released, featuring the hit "Angels of the Dark". A DVD release Live Lines and the album-length EP The Oxidising Angel appeared in 2005, the latter of which contained new material as well as a cover of "Cry Little Sister" from the Lost Boys soundtrack. These releases were more and more successful, but bad news came out when in early October Eva Pölzing decided to leave Blutengel due to problems with time and projects in her personal life. Eva has been replaced by Ulrike Goldmann (ex-Say-Y).

For the next two years, the band released a couple singles with a slightly more "pop-driven" sound, until their long-awaited 5th album, Labyrinth, came out in September 2007. It became their biggest album to date at that time, and featured tracks such as "Beauty and Delight" which applied a smooth polish to their sound without losing the gothic foundation.

The Extended Albums (2009-2011)[edit]

In 2009 Blutengel released the album Schwarzes Eis. An extended edition of this album contained three full CDs, each with its own subtitle (Schwarzes Eis, the instrumental Behind the Mirror, and Redemption). The EP Soultaker was released later that year.

In 2010, they performed at the Amphi Festival with Anja Millow replacing Constance. Days later, they announced in their official website that Constance has been replaced by two new singers, Anja and Steffi Weingarten, both featured on their 7th album Tränenherz, which was released in 2011 and placed high in the German charts at #12. This album also was released in a special edition, which included three CDs (Tränenzerz Discs 1 and 2, and the instrumental Sign of the Zodiac).

The EP Nachtbringer followed that same year. Steffi was soon fired from the band before they started touring and in her official Facebook page, she wrote a statement claiming that she was not allowed to tour due to legal issues with Constance and the recording label was never keen on her.

Monument & Black Symphonies (2012-2014)[edit]

From May 12 to May 20, 2012 Blutengel toured North America for the first time. Playing in Mexico City, New York, San Antonio, San Francisco, Los Angeles and in Montreal for the Kinetik Festival.

The first single from the new album Monument, "Save Our Souls", was released in November, 2012 while the second single, "You Walk Away" was released in January, 2013. The album Monument was released in February, 2013 and placed #4 & #96 on the German and Switzerland Music charts respectively. "Kinder dieser Stadt" was released on July 19th, 2013 as the 3rd single from Monument.

Blutengel released an Orchestral Compilation album Black Symphonies (An Orchestral Journey) on Feb 28th, 2014.

Omen (2014-Present)[edit]

The album, Omen, was released on 13 February 2015.

The first single "Asche Zu Asche", from their upcoming album was released on November 14th, 2014. The second single "Sing" was released on 23 January 2015.


Current members[edit]

  • Chris Pohl – vocals, programming (1998-present)
  • Ulrike Goldmann – vocals (2005-present)
  • Viki Scarlet - performance (2010-present)

Former members[edit]



Compilation Albums[edit]



  • 2001: Bloody Pleasures
  • 2001: Black Roses
  • 2002: Vampire Romance
  • 2003: Forever
  • 2004: Mein Babylon (Stendal Blast & Blutengel)
  • 2004: No Eternity - (Germany #77)
  • 2006: My Saviour - (Germany #95)
  • 2007: Lucifer - (Germany #58)
  • 2008: Winter of My Life (Download Single)
  • 2008: Dancing in the Light - (Germany #81)
  • 2010: Promised Land
  • 2010: Reich Mir Die Hand - (Germany #81)
  • 2011: Über Den Horizont
  • 2012: Save Our Souls
  • 2013: You Walk Away
  • 2013: Kinder dieser Stadt
  • 2014: Krieger
  • 2014: Asche Zu Asche
  • 2015: Sing

DVD and Live albums[edit]

Music Videos[edit]

Exclusive tracks appearing on compilations (not including remixes)[edit]

  • 1998: Awake the Machines Vol. 2 – Love
  • 2000: Machineries of Joy – Fairyland (Female Version)
  • 2001: Orkus Collection 2 – Hold Me (Just For This Night)
  • 2002: Fear Section Vol. 1 – Weg Zu Mir (Shicksals-Version 2002)
  • 2002: Machineries of Joy Vol. 2 – Waiting For You
  • 2003: Machineries of Joy Vol. 3 – Falling
  • 2006: Machineries of Joy Vol. 4 – Misery

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