Bnei Akiva Schools of Toronto

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Yeshivat Or Chaim & Ulpanat Orot
Bnei Akiva Schools of Toronto logo.png
Or Chaim - 159 Almore Ave., M3H 2H9
Ulpanat Orot - 45 Canyon Ave., M3H 3S4

Downsview, Ontario, Canada
Religious affiliation Religious Zionism, Orthodox Judaism
Staff Mrs. Nicki Kagan (General Studies) Mrs. M. Chocron (Science Studies) Mrs. Sara Erlich (Hebrew Studies)Dr. Shlomit Levy (Science Studies) Mr. Gerald Lazar (General Studies)
School type Jewish Private
Grades 9 - 12
Language English, Hebrew
Team name YOC Knights, UO Knights
Colours Blue and Gold, Green and White
Founded Yeshivat Or Chaim (1973)
Ulpanat Orot (1975)
Enrollment Yeshivat Or Chaim - 122 students
Ulpanat Orot - 96 students

Yeshivat Or Chaim boys school (ישיבת אור חיים) and Ulpanat Orot girls school (אולפנת אורות) are two Canadian Orthodox Jewish high schools affiliated with Bnei Akiva located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Educational philosophy[edit]

Both Yeshivat Or Chaim (founded 1973) and Ulpanat Orot (founded 1975) identify with the religious Zionist movement and Bnei Akiva. Students are encouraged to regard Israel as the centre of their spiritual life and to spend the year after graduating learning in Israel at a religious seminary.

Yeshivat Or Chaim is the only Bnei Akiva yeshiva located outside of Israel.[citation needed]


Both schools have a dual curriculum of religious and secular studies for grades 9 through 12. Secular classes are held in English, and Judaic studies classes are taught in both English and Hebrew. In both schools, the day begins with prayers. Following prayers and breakfast, the boys have 3 Judaics periods followed by 2 periods of General studies and then learn Judaic studies while the girls learn secular studies, and after lunch they switch. The day ends at approximately 5:30pm for boys, and 5:15pm for girls.

Charity Program (Chesed)[edit]

B'nei Akiva Schools has been running a charity program since the beginning of its establishment, named "Chesed" after the Hebrew word "חסד", meaning kindness. Activities have included "Pink Day", involving charity and wearing pink, for the sake of breast cancer awareness. Another significant activity done was visiting old age homes in Toronto, giving the elderly a fun Hannukah activity with singing and dancing. From 2013–present, two grade 11 students have been dubbed as "The Waffle Men", working on an activity involving selling waffles to the students and giving a percentage to charity. The waffle program has been a success so far and continues to go on twice a week.[1]

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