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Boyi (also sometimes transliterated Bo-yi or Bo Yi) may refer to various persons whose name is thus appears English (however, original language versions may vary in spelling or pronunciation):

"Boyi" in myth or legend[edit]

Persons called "Boyi"[edit]

  • Boyi Bhimanna (బోయి భీమన్న), also transliterated as Bheemanna, Bheemana and other ways, a famous Telugu language poet
  • Boyi Kao (伯邑考),the oldest son of King Wen, founder of the former Zhou Dynasty of China
  • Feng Boyi (馮博一), an art critic born in 1960 in Beijing, China
  • Guo Yi, a minister of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history whose Chinese style name was Boyi (伯益)