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BoBoiBoy Season 2 (2012).jpg
BoBoiBoy (2012)
Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy
Created by Nizam Razak
Developed by Animonsta Studios Sdn. Bhd.
Written by Nizam Razak
Anas Abdul Aziz
Directed by Nizam Razak (Season 1)
Yap Ee Jean, Mohammed Dzubir Zakaria (Season 2)
Voices of Nur Fathiah Diaz
Yap Ee Jean
Nur Sarah Alisya Zainal Rashid
Mohammed Dzubir Zakaria
Anas Abdul Aziz
Muhammad Fathi Diaz
Nizam Razak
Yvonne Chong Shin Vun
Theme music composer Yuri Wong, Jonathan Lee
Opening theme BoBoiBoy, Superhero Kita!
(English version: BoBoiBoy, Our Superhero!)
Ending theme Bersedia
(English version: Hang on Tight)
Country of origin Malaysia
Original language(s) Malay
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 44 (List of episodes)
Running time 21 minutes (Season 2)
Distributor Media Prima
Original channel TV3
Picture format HDTV
Original run 13 March 2011 – present
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BoBoiBoy is a Malaysian animated series produced by Animonsta Studios, centring on a boy who has superpowers and the ability to separate into three. With his friends, Ying, Yaya, Gopal, and Fang, they fight to protect the earth from alien threats who aim to conquer the Earth in the hunt for cocoa beans.

The series is published in HDTV format and is scheduled to broadcast over TV3 began on 13 March 2011, on Disney Channel Asia from 18 June 2011 and on NTV7 from 24 May 2014.


BoBoiBoy is the first product of Animonsta Studios, an animation company established by Nizam Razak with three other partners (Safwan Abdul Karim, Anas Abdul Aziz and Kee Yong Pin).[citation needed] The four were originally employed by Les' Copaque Production, a company first founded by Nizam and Safwan, and are famous for the animation series Upin & Ipin and film Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula, directed by Nizam. Animonsta operated in MAC3, Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) content developer incubation facility located in Cyberjaya and has since moved their studio at the Technopreneur Center in the middle of 2012.[citation needed]

The original concept of the story centres on a coffee-addict alien named Adu Du who has made his way to Earth. A minor change was made later, where instead of coffee, the alien is now in search of cocoa. The change, according to the BoBoiBoy Facebook fan page, was due to the fact that coffee is a bitter-tasting drink, and does not appeal to children.[citation needed]

The series was released simultaneously in two languages, Malay version and English version for the local international market, respectively. Both versions fully utilises the different voice actors. In the Malay version, the original voice actor for Upin & Ipin, Nur Fathiah Diaz, was invited to voice the main character, BoBoiBoy.[citation needed]

Broadcast history[edit]

Further information: List of BoBoiBoy episodes

Season One (2011-2012)[edit]

The first season of BoBoiBoy was aired on Sunday, 13 March 2011 at 7:00 pm. The episode started when the main character, BoBoiBoy went to Tok Aba's (BoBoiBoy's grandfather) home in Pulau Rintis during school holidays. On the same time, Adu Du, an alien from planet of Atata Tiga came to Earth, searching for energy resources. He found out that there was a powerful energy cocoa, which was extinct on his planet 30,000 years ago. Adu Du wanted to conquer all the cocoa for himself, so that he could be a hero for his planet. To make sure his plan succeeded, he got help from the Power Sphere (Ochobot). However, Ochobot gave power to BoBoiBoy and his new friends, Ying, Yaya and Gopal instead.

For the first season there are 13 slots with every slot consisting of two episodes. This make total of 26 episodes all together. Each episode lasts for 11 minutes. Because of popularity of this animation, Animonsta Studios agreed to air an additional episode named "Extended Finale" on 1 January 2012.

Season Two (2012-2013)[edit]

The second season of BoBoiBoy was aired on Sunday, 27 May 2012 at 7:00 pm. In this season, BoBoiBoy move to Pulau Rintis to unite with Tok Aba, Gopal, Ying and Yaya. The story in this season mainly centres on BoBoiBoy and his friends at Sekolah Rendah Pulau Rintis. BoBoiBoy meets new challenger, Fang at his new school.

Fang or Mystery Boy was first introduced in Season 1 on "Extended Finale" (Episode 26 with addition of a few minutes of scene on BoBoiBoy leaving Pulau Rintis).

Season Three (2014)[edit]

On 7 June 2013, Animonsta Studios channel in YouTube uploaded a sneak preview of the first episode of the third season featuring the battle between BoBoiBoy and Ejo Jo in his armour, thus confirming the third season to be in progress. On 5 November 2013, Animonsta Studios announced on their Facebook page that the third season of BoBoiBoy will be aired in 5 January 2014 with 18 new episodes making it the longest season to date. On 10 November 2014, the animonsta studio's YouTube channel have announced that the new time slot airing on 5:35 pm, Monday to Thursday because school holiday have begun in Malaysia

Season BoBoiBoy Galaxy (2015)[edit]

BoBoiBoy Galaxy is a rebranding of BoBoiBoy. It will be aired in 2015. BoBoiBoy Galaxy will focus more on an adventure-based storyline and will have a total of 104 episodes. BoBoiBoy Galaxy is set to be released after BoBoiBoy: Power of Sphere in Quarter 3 2015.



A film of the series entitled BoBoiBoy: Sfera Kuasa is expected to be on cinemas in Quarter 3 2015.[1] It's unknown where in the series this movie will take place. However, this movie will take place after Season 3. Not much known about the film's plot at the moment but as seen in the teaser poster, BoBoiBoy will battle a giant spider sphere robot using a new power (fire element). It's unknown if BoBoiBoy's friends will appear in the film. Also, while Boboiboy is fighting giant spider sphere robot, as seen in the background of the teaser poster there is an asteroid coming to earth that resemble to a giant spider sphere robot, hinting of an invasion coming to Earth or just in Pulau Rintis. There will be a new character appearing in the film, his name is Tengkotak.

BoBoiBoy Galaxy[edit]

BoBoiBoy Galaxy is a rebranding of BoBoiBoy. It will be aired in 2015. BoBoiBoy Galaxy will focus more on an adventure-based storyline and will have a total of 104 episodes. BoBoiBoy Galaxy is set to be released after BoBoiBoy: Power of Sphere in Quarter 3 2015.


Anugerah Karyawan Animasi[citation needed]

Year Award Result
2011 Best Animation Script Won
Best Theme Music Won
Best Voice Acting Won


Foreign broadcasters[edit]

[citation needed]

Country Channel Airdates Notes
 Malaysia TV3
Disney Channel Malaysia
13 March 2011 (TV3)
11 June 2011 (Disney Channel)
24 May 2014 (NTV7)
Season 1 and onwards
 Indonesia MNCTV 20 October 2014 Replacing Global TV
 Philippines TV5 TBA soon
Arab States Fox 20 October 2015 coming soon
Disney Channel Asia 11 June 2011 Season 1 and onwards


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