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Bo McKinnis is a Major League Baseball sports agent. He was a student manager of the baseball team at Mississippi State University. While attending graduate business school at Vanderbilt University, he was asked by a Mississippi State teammate, Pete Young (who pitched in the Major Leagues with the Montreal Expos), to serve as his sports agent. He has gone on to represent over 100 Major League players, including Paul Byrd, R.A. Dickey, Rusty Greer, Chris Hammond and Paul Maholm.[1][2] He has represented over 20 first round draft picks, including Dewon Brazelton (third overall in 2001) and David Price (first overall in 2007).[3]

Both Cy Youngs[edit]

In 2012, McKinnis became the first, and only, agent ever to represent both Cy Young Award winners in the same year. David Price won the award in the American League and R.A. Dickey won the award in the National League of Professional Baseball Clubs.[4]

Arbitration Record[edit]

In January 2015, McKinnis negotiated the largest one-year contract in the history of Major League Baseball salary arbitration when David Price received a 2015 salary of $19,750,000 from the Detroit Tigers.[5]

Pitchers Signing Bonus Records[edit]

McKinnis is one of only two agents to have twice set the record for the largest signing bonus ever given to a drafted pitcher. In 2001, he set the record for the largest signing bonus ever given to a drafted pitcher with Dewon Brazelton receiving $4.2 million from the Tampa Bay Rays. In 2007, McKinnis broke his own record when David Price received an even larger signing bonus, $5.6 million, also from the Rays.[6]

Book Citations[edit]

McKinnis has been written about and referenced in three books: Michael Lewis's 2003 book, Moneyball; Paul Byrd's 2008 book, Free Byrd; and R.A. Dickey's 2012 autobiography, Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, Authenticity and the Perfect Knuckleball.[7]

In addition, McKinnis became the first sports agent to ever be featured in the Sporting News 125 year history in the column "On the Agent Side" in its January 17, 2011 issue.[8]