Bobó de camarão

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Bobó de camarão, sometimes referred to as shrimp bobó in English, is a Brazilian dish of shrimp in a purée of manioc (a.k.a. cassava) meal, coconut milk and other ingredients.[1] Like many similar dishes, it is flavored with palm oil, called dendê in Brazilian Portuguese and is traditionally served with white rice, but may also be treated as a standalone side dish. Shrimp bobó is nearly identical to the West African dish Ipetê,[2] and is one of the many iconic recipes from the Bahia region of Brazil, which is known for its heavy Afro-Brazilian characteristics.[3]

Shrimp Bobó
Bobó de camarão served at a restaurant in Rio de Janeiro 
Bobó de camarão being enjoyed in a restaurant at Porto Alegre City, Rio Grande do Sul State 

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