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For other people named Bob Greenberg, see Bob Greenberg (disambiguation).

Bob Greenberg (born 1954) was one of the earliest employees of Microsoft. Shortly before Microsoft relocated to the Seattle area, he had arranged to have a picture of the original Albuquerque team taken that has since received widespread exposure.[1] Greenberg left Microsoft in 1981. He has continued as a consultant in the computer industry. However, the widely disseminated estimate of his wealth and number of houses has been overstated.

Bob went to, and briefly taught at, Harvard University where he first met Bill Gates. He has also worked or consulted for The RAND Corporation, the pre-breakup AT&T, and a number of startup technology ventures. Bob has been involved in system programming, artificial intelligence, golf software, UNIX and XENIX, business consulting, and teaching computer science.

After the 9/11 tragedy happened, Bob changed his primary focus and has since been serving as the president of several Jewish non-profit organizations.

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