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The Bobby Bones Show is a morning radio show broadcast in Nashville, Tennessee, on 97.9 and syndicated in Austin, Texas, Las Vegas, Nevada, Wichita, Kansas, Amarillo, Texas, Lubbock, Texas, Augusta, Georgia, Waco, Texas, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Beaumont, Texas, and Albany, Georgia. Bobby Bones is accompanied by co-hosts Lunchbox, Amy, Eddie, and Alayna. Jay Shannon is program director. According to Clear Channel Radio, the show is the number one rated morning show in Austin, Wichita, Amarillo, and Lubbock; though regarding the Austin market it is not always the case due to heavy competition from rival radio shows - notably the Dudley and Bob Morning Show on rival station 93.7 KLBJ FM "The Rock of Austin." The morning show runs on weekdays from 5 AM to 10 AM.[1] On July 18, 2011, it was announced that Bobby signed a three-year extension to do mornings for Clear Channel's Kiss 96.7 KHFI, and also signed a deal with Premiere Networks for syndication rights.[2]

Left to right -- Lunchbox, Bobby Bones, Amy, Carlos and Alayna in the studio

Show cast[edit]

Bobby Bones[edit]

Bobby Bones was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas on April 2, 1980.

Bobby is the host of The Bobby Bones Show. He has been in radio since he was 17 hosting late night, evening, and now a morning show. He graduated from college with a degree in Radio/TV.

Bobby has appeared in Movies and Television. He had a part in the movie "Bandslam" with Vanessa Hudgens. Bobby has also hosted Live! with Kelly Ripa. He also appears as a guest on Headline News and has been featured on CNN. Bobby also hosts a national sports radio show on Fox Sports Radio with his close friend and professional tennis player Andy Roddick.

Bobby is a dog lover and spends a lot of his time with his dog, Dusty. He is big on social media and is constantly interacting with listeners via Twitter and Facebook. Bobby uses the rest of his free time exercising, reading, shopping and going to sporting events. Bobby's favorite artists include John Mayer, Darius Rucker, Ben Kweller, Zac Brown Band, and Ben Folds 5. Find Bobby on Facebook HERE and on Twitter HERE.

Lunchbox (Co-Host)[edit]

Lunchbox's (shortened on air to "LB" or "Lunch") hometown is Austin, Texas. LB has not revealed the true story behind his nickname, but LB insists that when he was a child, he was caught shoplifting a superhero lunchbox. Allegedly this was a lunchbox featuring Saturday Night Live characters, the Ambiguously Gay Duo. Ever since he was caught, family and friends have referred to him as Lunchbox. He grew up in Austin and became a member of the LWC (Little Women Club) a Louisa May Alcott fan club. There, he obtained the alias "Richard Nibbler". LB attended the University of Texas at San Antonio but dropped out having only three credit hours left to complete his bachelor's degree. LB was an intern for two country stations in Austin, Texas. Bobby met LB at a Oilcan Harry's in Austin and thought that LB would be perfect for his radio show. LB was arrested on August 9, 2004 for a bit gone wrong. He was arrested after walking into a convenience store in south Austin with a stocking mask over his head to purchase gum. The clerk at the store saw LB and pressed the silent alarm. LB was charged with making a terroristic threat, and the show was taken off the air for two weeks.[3] Bobby and Lunchbox were suspended from the air for two weeks after the incident. Lunchbox has appeared in the popular NBC TV show Friday Night Lights. It appeared that LB had a speaking part, but it was quickly learned that the producers chose to replace his voice with a voice-over actor's. Lunchbox is also known for being the lead MC in the rap crew Squirrel Bacon.[4] Lunchbox claims to "hook up" with many women; his co-host believe he exaggerates or fabricates these "hook-up' stories. Lunchbox expresses a stereotypical view of woman and marriage, and displays a dislike for overweight people. He is the liberal member of the team, in opposition to Amy's conservative viewpoints. When LB is not working, he volunteers his time with the local Meals on Wheels program. He used to be made fun of for his "five dollar" haircut,until starting a bet in 2009 in which he would have to let his hair grow out all year. Lunchbox is now made fun of for his "Bieber" haircut named after the popular singer Justin Bieber.[5] LB has regular bits on the show including The "Bonehead" Story of the Day (where LB finds local news stories of criminals or simply town locals doing foolish things to get caught/in trouble), "Lunchwalking" (similar to Jay Leno's "Jaywalking" bit) and "Guess Your Weight" (where LB guesses women's weights over the phone on the radio). Lunchbox had a brief relationship with Alayna, one the shows producers. The pair have never confirmed the reason behind their split however sources close to them have suggested it was to do with Lunchboxes severe jelousy issues.

Amy (Co-host)[edit]

Amy's hometown is Austin, though she currently lives in the Southern Pines/Pinehurst area in North Carolina. She married Ben, a long-time family friend, and their engagement period lasted approximately two months. The show sometimes makes fun of her for getting married so quickly. She attended Texas A&M University, and was only three credit-hours hours short from completing her degree. In 2008, Amy completed an online course from Austin Medical School and received her Bachelor's Degree. Prior to joining the show, Amy was a sales person for a granite company. She quit her job as a salesperson to join the show in 2006. Although Amy was not picked during a co-host search event to replace former co-host Jill, she was made a morning show regular by Bobby to share the co-host duties with Sara (the co-host search winner). Sara ended up leaving the show to be closer to family. Ironically, Sara ended up moving back to Austin and is now a co-host on a rival morning radio show. Amy and her husband, Ben, moved from Austin to Shasta AFB, North Carolina in the summer of 2008 because of Ben's job as an Air Force pilot. Because she lives in North Carolina she does the show remotely from her house.[6] However, because most of her family still lives in Austin, she occasionally goes back to Austin to visit and will do the show with the rest of the cast at the radio station. This is usually the case around the holidays. When Amy is in the studio the show takes advantage and does bits that it would normally not get to do with Amy being out of the studio. During the show, Amy does the Hollywood Skinny four times throughout the show. Amy is also the mid-morning DJ for 96.7 Kiss FM which starts immediately after the Bobby Bones Show. Amy is a devout Christian and a Republican and provides an opposing opinion to Lunchbox.[7] She loves her sister, Cristi, her niece and nephews Apollo, Drago, Creed, and Clubber Lang, and her brother-in-law CJ Morgan.

Carlos (Producer and Co-host)[edit]

Carlos is one of the producers of the show along with Alayna. Carlos started as an intern on the show while he was in college. Carlos attended Bowie High School in Austin, Texas, and went on to Schreiner University to play baseball and wrestling where many a time he hit the mat with a beard on his face. He is made fun of for his mumbiling and a running joke with the show is that he is a "pickleman" Carlos went running one day at a middle school track claiming it was close to his house while school was still in session. It was then found out that he had lied about the geographical conditions and was therefore branded "pickleman" which had to do with a pedophilia case. When he is not working at the station he drives a PVC pipe truck and listens to the radio.

Alayna (Producer)[edit]

Alayna is the producer of the Bobby Bones Show. She is from Caracas, Venezuela and currently resides in Austin. Alayna started off at the Bobby Bones Show as an intern. Shortly after finishing up her stint as an intern Alayna was hired to be the producer of the show. As producer of the show she is in charge of the group of interns and inputs segments, clips, and runs various bits. Alayna is considered by many on the show to be the most valuable person on the show. During the show she does the traffic and weather report and occasionally chimes in on various topics that the show is discussing. Alayna has described herself as "weird" on-air on several occasions. She runs a charity that collects money for people whose cars do not have door handles.[8] She is bisexual and has made out with a female intern on the show before [9][10] Alayna also made news when she found a boyfriend from Los Angeles via twitter after she started following him because she really liked his tweets.[11] Alayna enjoyed a brief relationship the shows co-host The Lunchbox. The pair are thought to have split due to LBs jelousy issues.

Regular bits[edit]


The "Blogs" are a look into the lives of the cast of the show. They are treated like a regular web blog where the cast members share something interesting that happened in their lives recently mostly stories about cats. Amy, Bobby, and Carlos have blogs, and LB has "Lunchbox's Man-blog."

Bonehead Story of the Day[edit]

The "Bonehead Story of the Day" is a story found by Lunchbox usually revolving around a criminal doing dumb things to get caught. The "Bonehead" also encompasses stories of people generally acting like "boneheads."

90 Second Skinny[edit]

The "90 Second Skinny" is a brief update in the world of pop culture that talks about celebrities and their lives. The "Skinny" also informs listeners of what is on TV that night, album release dates and upcoming movie releases. Amy delivers the "Skinny" once an hour for the duration of the show.

iPod Downloads of the Week[edit]

The "iPod Downloads of the Week" are done once a week where Bobby and the co-hosts tell listeners the last three songs they've downloaded to their iTunes. This segment has been retired since Megaupload was shut down.

Sounds of the Last 24 Hours[edit]

The "Sounds of the Last 24 Hours" are short sound bytes that re-cap comments and happenings in the news in the last 24 hours. These clips range from interviews on night shows to portions of pop culture clip shows such as TMZ or Entertainment Tonight.

Show and Tell News Segment[edit]

The "Show and Tell News Segment" is a segment where every cast member brings in an interesting news story that they have found. The ongoing joke is that Carlos always has a story involving death.

Tell Me Something Good[edit]

"Tell me something good" is a segment where every cast member of the cast brings in a news story that is uplifting and happy. The cast tends to try to find something negative about another cast member's story. Frequently LB discussses his exploits at a local establishement called Bout Time.

Friday Morning Dance Party[edit]

The "Friday Morning House Party" is a segment where Bobby plays uptempo-feel-good music to celebrate the end of the week. He takes listener's requests from the Bobby Bones Show Facebook Page. One song is played every Friday. "Back Off Boogaloo" by Ringo Starr. Bobby says the song really brings the kid out of the crew. [8]


Games play an integral part in the fabric of the Bobby Bones Show. Each cast member has his or her own theme music that is played when they win a game. Bobby's theme song is Clay Aiken's entire catalog. Lunchbox's theme song is ""What What (In the Butt)" by Samwell (entertainer). Carlos' theme song is "You're The Best Around" by Joe Esposito. Amy's theme song is "Jesus Is My Friend" by Sonseed. To make things more fun Bobby performs a spot on impersonation of Charles Nelson Reilly and refuses to come out of character until the games are done.

What Year Was It[edit]

"What Year Was It" is played every morning at 7:00am. They choose a caller to play the game, and then Bobby will play clips of a movie, a song, a pop culture reference, and a national news story that all came out or occurred in the same year. The cast member that gets it right gets a point. If one of the cast members is sure they have the correct answer, they can "go 100 percent" and if they get it right, they will get two points, but if they get it wrong they lose a point. Amy is known to be very good at this game and has never lost a season.

Name That Tune[edit]

"Name That Tune" (or N-T-T) is a game modeled after the original Name That Tune that is played on air between the co-hosts to properly name the artist and song that Bobby plays. The co-hosts use their names as their buzzer and can be awarded one point for naming the artist, one point for naming the title of the song, and three points for naming the theme. There have been 5 seasons of NTT. The first person to win 25 games in a season is considered the champion. Amy has won almost every season. Her latest win came in August 2011. Her first lost, to Carlos, occurred in November 2011. NTT is so popular that there is an annual NTT tournmanet held in Austin and hosted by Bobby.

Bobby Feud[edit]

"Bobby Feud" is played on occasion. Lately, the game has been played when there are celebirites in the studio. The game is modeled after the popular TV game show Family Feud. Recently Andy Roddick, Brooklyn Decker, and her mom took on the morning show in a game. The Roddick/Decker team swept the Bobby Bones team.[12]

The Name Game[edit]

"The Name Game" is a game of name association. The cast is given a proper name, and each cast member must name a person commonly known in pop culture with the same proper name. For example, if the name given is "John", names given could be John Mayer, John Madden, John Lennon, or John the Baptist. If a cast member cannot name a person with the same proper name in the allotted time, he or she is considered "out". A cast member receives 0 points for being eliminated first, 1 point for being eliminated second, 2 points for being eliminated third, and 3 points for being eliminated last. The cast member with the most points at the end of the game wins. The Name Game has been retired from the rotation and is seldomly played now.


"Password" is a game modeled after the original Password that is played on air between the co-hosts. The game consists of two teams composed of Bobby and Amy placed against Lunchbox and Carlos. The game is based on word association. One team member is given a word, and they must give the first word that comes to their head. Their teammate is invited back into the room and is given the same list of words. The object of the game is for the second teammate to match the word given by the first teammate. The team with the most word matches wins the game. This game has been retired from the rotation.

Helium Idol[edit]

"Helium Idol" is an annual week-long competition where each cast member sucks in helium from a balloon and sings a song. Each day of the competition the listeners cast their vote on the show's website to decide who was their favorite of the day. The lowest vote-getter is eliminated each day until a champion is crowned.

Christmas Gift Giving Competition[edit]

The "Christmas Gift Giving Competition" occurs each year a little before Christmas. The show exchanges gifts (except for the Jewish one) with one another and then ranks each gift they received.

Bonesy Awards[edit]

The Bobby Bones Show gives out annual awards to performers, local restaurants, local bars, and other miscellaneous categories referred to as the "Bonesy Awards." The categories, nominees, and winners are determined the cast and/or interns in a popular vote.

  • 2011 Bonesy Award Winners[13]
    • Best Live Studio Performance - Hayes Carll "Grateful for Christmas" at the Dudley and Bob Audience of 100
    • Best Fight - Bobby versus Amy (Valentine's Day candy fight)
    • Best Parody - Amy's parody of T.I.'s Whatever You Like
    • Best Interview - Carlos's interview of Dale Dudley
    • Best Live Television Mess-up - Reporter laughs while reading a car crash story
    • Most Overplayed Song - Flo Rida - Low
    • Intern of the Year - Dirty Nerd from the Dudley and Bob Morning Show
    • Salesperson of the Year - Sales Guy Shawn
    • Bar of the Year - Bout Time
    • Favorite Local Media Personality - Bob Fonseca
    • Best Morning Show - The Dudley and Bob Morning Show on 93.7 KLBJ FM.


  • 2002-2003: College Radio Lamest of the Lame (CR-LOL)
  • 2007: Radio Shack Battery Club Membership Finalist, Southern Arkansas, Tandy Corporation
  • 2008-2009: Worst Radio Personality (AWRT)[14]
  • 2007-2008: Worst Radio Personality (AWRT)[15]
  • 2007-2008: Worst Radio Personality and Best Radio Program (Austin Music Awards)[16]
  • 2004-2005, 2005–2006, 2006-2007: Best Radio Personality (Austin Music Awards)[16][17][18][19]