Bobby Di Cicco

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Bobby Di Cicco
Born 1954 (age 60–61)
Itasca, Illinois

Bobby Di Cicco (born 1954) is an American actor best known for his early roles in the films I Wanna Hold Your Hand (1978) by Robert Zemeckis, 1941 (1979) by Steven Spielberg, Samuel Fuller's The Big Red One (1980), and the John Carpenter-produced The Philadelphia Experiment (1984) in which he co-starred with Michael Pare. Bobby also gets credit for the classic line from the 1982 film Night Shift by Ron Howard, "Barney Rubble, what an actor".[1]

He is the father of actress Jessica DiCicco and singer Katie Di Cicco.[2][3]





  • Sam Fuller and the Big Red One (1979)
  • Don Siegel: Last of the Independents (1980)
  • The Making of 1941 (1996)
  • The Men Who Made the Movies: Samuel Fuller (2002)
  • Ban the Sadist Videos! (2005)
  • The Real Glory - Reconstructing The Big Red One (2005)
  • Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship & Videotape (2010)[6]

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