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Celebrity Big Brother
Series 8 (2011)
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Celebrity Big Brother 2011, also known as Celebrity Big Brother 8, was the eighth series of the British reality television series Celebrity Big Brother. It was the first series of Big Brother to air on Channel 5 and the first celebrity series not to air in January since Celebrity Big Brother 2, which was broadcast in November 2002. The series launched on 18 August 2011 at 9pm on Channel 5.[1] It ran for 22 days concluding on 8 September 2011, making it the shortest Channel 5 series of Celebrity Big Brother to date. It was followed by the twelfth regular series of Big Brother, which launched the following night.[2]

In keeping with the celebrity theme, the first edition of OK! TV When Bruv Takes Over aired on 17 August, the eve of the launch night.[3] Following intense press speculation, the exact line-up of celebrity house guests remained a mystery until the launch night. For the first time in the UK, the celebrity-based version of the show was staged prior to the main show. Previously, the celebrity version took place in January. Like Celebrity Big Brother 7, it was sponsored by Freederm.[4] The series was won by Irish Traveller and reality show star, Paddy Doherty with Kerry Katona as runner-up.[5]



Former Big Brother winner Brian Dowling replaced Davina McCall as the presenter of the show. Emma Willis was presenter of new spin-off show Big Brother's Bit on the Side.[6] Marcus Bentley retained his role as off-screen narrator for the highlights shows. He also commentated on the live nights and provided voice-overs for the viewer competitions.[2]


From 23 July 2011, trailers announcing the imminent return of the series were aired on Channel 5 voiced by Marcus Bentley. Former housemates that featured in one of the trailers included Josie Gibson, Dowling and Sam Pepper. This coincided with the launch of the new eye logo for 2011. In the run-up to Celebrity Big Brother, the channel heavily featured a promotional campaign under the slogan "When Bruv Takes Over" based on the David Guetta and Kelly Rowland song "When Love Takes Over". It featured a large cast of past housemates dancing and miming in the streets, finally meeting up in a park with CGI effects adding a fly-past with coloured smoke overhead.[7]

Live feed[edit]

With varying controversy, there was no 24 hour live feed in Celebrity Big Brother 2011 unlike most years on Channel 4. Channel 5 concentrated on the daily highlights shows, the eviction shows and instead placed clips from action in the house on a dedicated website and social media.[8]

Title sequence[edit]

The main motif for the show's titles was a space-age-style, revolving 3D glowing eye. As usual the title sequence was kept secret until the launch. For the first time in the show's history, housemates were included in the title sequences, showing various parts of their face/top part of body. The on-screen graphics and highlights editing were the show's most biggest change to date with names superimposed over the housemates and music used in every scene. In between the highlights, the show flashed up clips portraits of the housemates' faces.


On 10 August, Digital Spy published its first look at the new Celebrity Big Brother house for the new Channel 5 series in readiness for the first intake of celebrity housemates. It revealed a colourful, opulent look with a return to the luxury feel of the early Channel 4 series. It featured a bar, gym, sauna, an open-plan bathroom, the UK series' largest swimming pool thus far. In the celebrity series, the shower enclosure was screened off from public view but this was changed to a clear view for the main series. There was also a large outdoor area and a sophisticated range of designer furnishings and fittings. This made a radical contrast with the shift to an austere, claustrophobic house seen in the later Channel 4 series.[9]

Cameras and surveillance system[edit]

The housemates were watched by a network of 47 cameras 24/7, the largest number of cameras to date. The show was broadcast in high-definition for the first time in its history. In preparation for HDTV broadcast standard, the house was illuminated with a super-bright overhead lighting rig.

Diary Room[edit]

On 15 August 2011, viewers were shown the Big Brother 2011 diary chair. It was in the style of a luxury club chair in deep red with gold trim.[10] The luxurious feel was enhanced by a dramatic entrance way to the diary room with strip lighting and mirrored surfaces. In a break with the original convention of no contact with the outside world, during visits to the diary room, housemates were invited to answer trivia questions contributed by Facebook members during the spin-off show, Big Brother's Bit on the Side on 5*. They also received messages from relatives and visits from pets. The diary room led to the small task room where challenges were set for the housemates.

Launch night[edit]

The show went live on 18 August.[11] A group of ten initial housemates entered the house through the big eye via a catwalk leading up to a flight of steps, crossing a swingbridge shaped like the Big Brother eye. Marcus Bentley narrated each contestant's details as they made their entrance. Kerry Katona was announced as the first celebrity housemate to enter the new Big Brother house followed by American Pie actress Tara Reid[11] Reality TV stars Paddy Doherty from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and Amy Childs from ITV 2's The Only Way Is Essex joined them.[11] Australian paparazzi and media personality Darryn Lyons was next to join the house followed by Sally Bercow.[11] British actor Lucien Laviscount was next with ex Baywatch actress Pamela Bach preceding him.[11] British model Bobby Sabel was next, with Irish pop duo Jedward the last to enter the house.[11]

Launch night twist[edit]

Following the housemates' entrance into the house, Big Brother called one housemate to the Diary Room. Kerry Katona took up the offer and in the process nominated herself for a secret task. Her mission was to become the 'biggest celebrity diva' which entailed three mini tasks. Her first task was to throw an "A-list" celebrity-style tantrum, second to ask three housemates, "do you know who I am?", thirdly, to demand to swap beds and then swap back. The next day, the housemates voted for whom they judged to be the biggest diva in the house. Kerry had to be selected or she would be punished.[12] Kerry failed as Jedward were selected as the biggest divas in the house. She was told that her punishment was to face the public vote for eviction and she also had to nominate two other of her housemates to join her for eviction. She nominated Bobby and Sally. The further twist was that the public voted to save Kerry, Bobby or Sally. The loser was Sally, who had the fewest votes to save and was evicted at the first eviction show on Day 9.[13]

Press reaction[edit]

The media gave the relaunched show a mixed reaction. Jan Moir of The Daily Mail called the launch night a 'freak show', castigating the lack of high-profile housemates as 'scraping the barrel'.[14] Michael Hogan of The Telegraph claimed that many of the housemates are "notable only for who they married or for taking part in other reality shows".[15]

Sister shows[edit]

Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side[edit]

This is the main spin-off show for Big Brother. In this series it was hosted by Emma Willis with co-hosts Jamie East and Alice Levine. The first edition followed the launch night show at 10:30pm on Thursday 18 August with the celebrities in the house and the first task set. Lauren Harries acted as fashion expert on the launch night show, castigating the styling of the new housemates. The show was similar to ex-spin off shows Big Brother's Little Brother and Big Brother's Big Mouth, but is shown after the main show. The debut show was watched by 1.82 million viewers (receiving 13.4%).[16] It returned along with the ninth series of the main celebrity show in January 2012.

OK! TV: When Bruv Takes Over[edit]

This is a special edition of the main OK! TV magazine show broadcast from the Big Brother compound in the Elstree Studio. The first edition aired on Wednesday 17 August where viewers were given a preview of the new Big Brother house on the eve of the launch of Celebrity Big Brother 2011. The show is presented by Jenny Frost and Jeff Brazier.[3]

New features[edit]

The main elements of the classic Big Brother format have remained in place since the shift to Channel 5. Narrator Marcus Bentley has taken on a more prominent role in the live shows by contributing narration to the opening titles and doing voiceovers to the entrance and exits of the housemates. He has also adopted a more animated vocal style since the move. New presenter Brian Dowling also introduced some innovations of his own. On eviction nights, he uses the new catchphrase, "[housemates up for eviction], your time has come!"


Amy Childs[edit]

Amy Childs (born 7 June 1990) is a British reality-show star and model from Brentwood, Essex, best known for portraying the beautician and model herself in The Only Way Is Essex, for two series.[17] Childs has presented the fashion segment for This Morning and did her own reality show, It's All About Amy. During her time, she flirted with housemate, Lucien Laviscount and had developed rivalry against Kerry Katona. On Day 22, Childs was evicted from the house during finale night, finishing in fourth place.

Bobby Sabel[edit]

Bobby Sabel (born 5 August 1986) is a British fashion model. Sabel has modelled in New York and Paris, which he is currently signed to Elite Model Management.[17] On Day 22, Bobby was the first housemate to be evicted on finale night, finishing in seventh place.[5]

Darryn Lyons[edit]

Darryn Lyons (born 19 August 1965) is an Australian paparazzo, media personality and entrepreneur, best known for paparazzi work in Britain.[18] On Day 2, he celebrated his 46th birthday inside the house, after the housemates passed a task. As a reward, the housemates threw a paparazzi-themed party for him. On Day 22, he was the second evictee on finale night, finishing in sixth place.[5]


Jedward (John and Edward Grimes) (born 16 October 1991) are identical twins pop duo from Dublin, Ireland. They rose to fame on the sixth series of The X Factor in 2009. They also competed as Ireland's participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, finishing in eight place.[17] On Day 22, finale night, Jedward were announced to have finished in third place.[5]

Kerry Katona[edit]

Kerry Katona (born 6 September 1980) is a British media personality and singer. In 1997, she began her singing career by appearing in the band, Atomic Kitten, until she departed in 2001. Since then, Katona has become the face of reality television - as the winner of the third series of I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!, the former face of Iceland and a previous contestant on Dancing on Ice 2011.[17] During her time in the house, she developed a showmance with Lucien Laviscount and a rivalry against housemate, Amy Childs. On Day 22, she became the runner-up, losing to Paddy Doherty.[5]

Lucien Laviscount[edit]

Lucien Laviscount (born 9 June 1992) is a British actor and model, who is most famous for playing Ben Richardson in the soap opera, Coronation Street and he appeared as a sixth former, Jonah Kirby, in the BBC drama, Waterloo Road.[17] During his time in the house, he began flirting with Amy Childs and kissed Kerry Katona. He once appeared in a M&S advert as a child alongside David Beckham. On Day 22, he finished by being evicted from the house in fifth place.[5]

Paddy Doherty[edit]

Paddy Doherty (born 6 February 1959) is an Irish traveller and former bare-knuckle fighter. He featured in the 2010 Channel 4 programme, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.[17] He was voted as overall winner of the show on the Final Night.[5]

Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff[edit]

Pamela Bach (born 16 October 1963) is an American actress from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is best known for being the ex-wife of Baywatch actor David Hasselhoff.[17] She was nominated for eviction on Day 11 and was evicted on Day 14.[19]

Sally Bercow[edit]

Sally Bercow (born 22 November 1969) is wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow.[17] She was the first to leave the house on Day 9.[20] Since the end of the series, Sally has gone on to star in a reality series with Paddy Doherty, in which she explores his traveller lifestyle.

Tara Reid[edit]

Tara Reid (born 8 November 1975) is an American actress, best known for her roles in The Big Lebowski, the American Pie films and Scrubs.[17] She was the third person to be evicted from the house on Day 16.[21]

House guests[edit]

Former Harrods owner Mohamed Al-Fayed entered the house as a houseguest on Day 3 and set the celebrity housemates a task based on dressing up as Egyptian mummies.[22]

On the live eviction show of 26 August, Brian Dowling confirmed that the Michelin star-winning celebrity chef and restaurateur Marco Pierre White is visiting the house "to turn up the heat" on Day 10. White set the housemates a cooking task.[23]

On the Day 12 "Fright Night"-themed task, American actors Anton Yelchin and Christopher Mintz-Plasse visited the house to present the winning housemates with tickets for a screening of their film.[24]

On the Final Night, Pamela Anderson entered the house and took her place as celebrity houseguest alongside the main houseguests on Big Brother 2011 which launched the next day.[25]


Week 1[edit]

On launch night Kerry, Tara, Paddy, Amy, Darryn, Sally, Lucien, Pamela, Bobby, and Jedward entered the house and broke the ice aided with liberal alcohol from the bar. Kerry was given a secret task which required her to become the biggest "diva" in the house. Her task required she complete three mini tasks in order to pass, which were: to throw a tantrum, swap beds with another housemate and decide to swap back and use the line "Don't you know who I am?" to three different housemates.[12]

On Day 2, the housemates had to vote for which housemate they thought to be the "biggest diva". If all her fellow housemates voted for her, she would pass, if not then she would be punished. As her fellow housemates selected Jedward as the biggest diva, she failed. As punishment, Kerry automatically faced the public vote, and was required to nominate two other housemates to join her - she selected Bobby and Sally.[13] The pool, sauna and gym saw the female housemates playing up to the cameras in skimpy swimwear with Bobby showing off his tanned chest in his beach shorts. Tara revealed she had needed corrective cosmetic surgery after a faulty procedure. Lucien let off steam with a gym workout in a military vest. He also performed some "topless" upper-body reps with the dumbbells, watched by the girls. Afterwards, Lucien relaxed outside on a sun lounger with the other housemates.[26]

Day 3's highlight was the arrival of houseguest Mohamed Al-Fayed who set the housemates an Egyptian mummy-themed task.[22] Jedward invented a mummy dance.[27] The housemates met in the backyard where Fayed, dressed as a Pharaoh acted as judge for the task. They first had to lie down on the ground and "rise from the dead" at the sound of a gong.[22] The last left to rise was deemed the loser. They then played "Egyptian tomb" musical chairs to Walk like an Egyptian by The Bangles. Fayed selected Tara as the winner. She then dressed as Pharaoh and commanded her fellow housemates to kneel, bark and hug each other.[22] The housemates later enjoyed an Ancient Egyptian-themed party in the house which spilled over onto the poolside terrace. During the party, Tara told Lucien and Bobby that she didn't like Darryn and that Amy hadn't achieved much. She told them to nominate Darryn.[28]

Day 4 saw the housemates awoken with loud noises.[29] They participated in a sheet catwalk task in, a reference to Sally Bercow's bedsheet photoshoot at the House of Commons which caused some controversy.[30] Bobby and Lucien devised a fake task to fool the other housemates. They were successful in doing this.[31]

On Day 5, Jedward hosted their own chat show, "The Jedward Show".[32] Darryn ranted about Jedward's annoying house habits. Darryn fumed after John pulled at Amy's costume while she was sunbathing. John later apologised to her.[33] Lucien spent a lot of time sunbathing in the garden showing off his muscles. Paddy moaned about Jedward dropped a pot of coleslaw on the kitchen floor. Kerry cleared it up.[34] Big Brother set Darryn a secret "shock horror" paparazzi task to take five snaps of fellow housemates matched to 5 headlines. The housemates suspected that Darryn had a "secret" task.[35] The headlines for The Daily Dazzler were, 'Get Hoff Me' with Lucien in his beach shorts frolicking with Pamela in the garden, 'When Paddy met Sally' when the pair sat together on the sofa snapped secretly from behind, 'Storm in a D-Cup' with a surprised looking Amy snapped in her bikini holding a mug, 'Love is in the Air' with Lucien and Amy lounging in the garden in skimpy clothes and 'O Brother Where art Thou?' with one Jedward twin spotted alone.[36] Darryn got all the shots and the housemates were rewarded with a glamorous "paparazzi party".[37] The feud between Tara and Darryn came to a head when the two confronted each other, calling a truce with an embrace.[38]

Events on Day 6 included Amy imitating a glamour model photoshoot with the help of Jedward and a hairdryer.[39] Jedward did a "shock" task requiring them to stay 5 yards apart or get zapped.[40] Amy "married" John from Jedward in a bizarre fake ceremony.[41]

Day 7 saw the house set its first shopping task, based on The Wizard of Oz with the housemates playing characters from the story.[42] The three nominated housemates, Bobby, Sally and Kerry all played Dorothy and had the duty to nominate the other housemates for Oz-themed roles.[42] Paddy was chosen as Toto. Darryn had to play the Tinman looking for a heart. Amy was nominated to play the Scarecrow and won her knowledge-based task. Pamela was given the role of the Cowardly Lion and Lucien dragged up as the Wicked Witch of the West.[42] As part of his role, Lucien had to avoid all contact with water and couldn't have a shower. Lucien could only drink a special "Wicked Witch's brew" and later passed his task.[42] Jedward played the Munchkins. Amy and Darryn were not impressed with the roles of the housemates Bobby chose in the diary room for the task. As part of the task, one Dorothy had to remain on the Yellow Brick Road at all times. The Dorothys failed in this task thanks to Kerry stepping off the road for a cigarette.[42] A Dorothy had to oil the Tin Man at the sound of squeaking. "Bobby Dorothy" laced the Tinman's oil with his own sweat collected in a cotton bud and tricked Darryn into drinking it. Bobby owned up to Darryn about the prank and apologised. A feud brewed between Sally and Darryn after she picked up a bad vibe from him and she accused him of ignoring her. Darryn as Tinman showed he had a heart by giving up the chance to see his pet macaw in order to let Tara hear a phone message from her new husband, having completed 3 mini-tasks in total.[42]

On Day 8, the Wizard of Oz-themed events continued.[43] The housemates mulled over the aftermath of Bobby's sweat-laced orange juice prank.[44] John and Edward picked a foam fight with Bobby.[45] Pamela passed a courage test set by a magician in the diary room. Big Brother told the housemates that they had successfully passed the Wizard of Oz shopping task by succeeding in passing 4 of the 6 challenges making up the overall task.[42]

At the end of the first full week, on Day 9, Bobby taught John and Edward how to shave properly.[46] Edward flooded out the bathroom, which failed to amuse Kerry.[47] Tara caught an eyeful of a Lucien naked in the shower.[48] Amy was set a task where she had to drop five Shakespeare quotations into conversation.[49] Pamela was allowed to speak to her daughter in the diary room. The housemates squabbled over the shopping list and Jedward demanded condoms to make water bombs.[50] Sally left the house at the series' first eviction night show.[20]

Week 2[edit]

Day 10 marked the house entering its second week and Kerry invited the house to make a "fresh start" in the wake of Sally's departure.[51] Celebrity chef and TV personality Marco Pierre White was invited into the house to set the housemates a cooking task called "Big Brother's Big Cook-off". In the garden, White gave them a masterclass in preparing one of his Michelin Star winning sea bass dishes. White presided grim-faced, wielding his signature cook's knife. The large task room was transformed into a cordon-bleu kitchen for the task. They did the task in pairs and had 30 minutes to prepare the dish to same standard as the Chef. White judged the version by Tara and Lucien's green team as the best with Kerry and Paddy a close-runner-up. Bobby and Amy and Darryn's blue team and Pamela's red team also performed well. Jedward's yellow team's effort was judged the worst.[52] As winners, Tara and Lucien were invited to a private dinner of steak and wine for two. Lucien made a lewd comment to which Tara responded by throwing a jug of water over him. After further horseplay, they left the dining room.[53] As losers, John and Edward were forced to do the washing-up.[54] Jedward's antics continued when they built a tower out of burnt toast. Pamela rambled incoherently in the bedroom and went outside. Tara schemed against Darryn, muttering about him to Pamela in the smoking area.

Day 11 dawned with Jedward checking their toast tower.[55] The housemates had to nominate in the diary room with Pamela and Darryn receiving the most votes and facing eviction this week.[56] Jedward were punished for their childish pranks by having to dress as babies.[57] Lucien was in turmoil over his nomination choices finding solace in a tête-à-tête with Kerry.[58] Jedward helped Kerry "give birth".[59] Big Brother told the housemates the hot water had been cut off after Bobby and Tara discussed nominations.[60]

On Day 12 Amy ranted about the washing up[61] and there was a bad vibe between Bobby and Tara. Amy made eggs in a mauve bikini, while Lucien and Kerry got close.[24] The housemates were set a garlic-based task to win a seat at the viewing of the film "Fright Night" which took place in the house on the night of 29 August.[62] They were teamed into rival pairs and tasked to consume a variety of vomit-inducing garlic-based food and drink items for "vampire defence practice" in the small task room. The tasks were judged by referees dressed in bat costumes. The winners would get a golden ticket to the film show. Tara and Amy in her rollers went first with garlic smoothies, Tara won. Darryn and a bare-chested Bobby were next eating garlic cereal with Bobby winning confidently. In Kerry v. Pamela were served garlic chocolates, Pamela won. John competed against Edward with garlic jelly, John won. Finally Lucien v. Paddy vied for eating the most garlic ice-cream, Paddy was the winner. Most of the contestants were violently sick after the contest.[63] The film's stars Anton Yelchin and Christopher Mintz-Plasse presented the winners with their cinema tickets and Edward won a bonus ticket for eating a garlic kebab. The winners viewed the movie in the large task room with an audience of viewers who had won a Channel 5 competition to join the screening dressed head-to-toe in skeleton outfits to hide their identities from the housemates.[24]

Day 13's task was based on housemates pairing up to become "twins" for the day.[64]

At the start of Day 14, Darryn and Tara tried to clear the air. Jedward stole one of Amy's eyeliners to draw tattoos on each other. Jedward acted like punk rockers, wrecked the garden and the bedroom and threw a tin of tomato soup over Bobby. The others made them clear it up.[65] Big Brother gave Kerry a message from her daughter on the latter's 10th birthday and a cake. Kerry broke down and was comforted by Darryn and the others.[66] Darryn was saved and Pamela evicted at the mid-week eviction show. In a post eviction twist, Pamela was asked to save four housemates from eviction. Pamela saved Jedward, Paddy, Amy and Kerry from the public vote. Bobby, Darryn, Lucien and Tara were up for public vote to save and it was revealed one would be evicted on Day 16.[19]

On Day 15 the housemates mulled over the previous night's eviction.[67] They faced a two-part shopping task based on supermarket shopping called "Stuck in the Lidl with you". They first had to hold filled shopping bags with their arms outstretched until they fell. In the second part, Bobby and Kerry competed with John and Edward in a trolley dash.[68] Jedward won and were rewarded with choosing the week's shopping list.[69] In a surprise twist, in part 3 of the task, Jedward "left" the house to do the shopping on the outside.[70]

In the early hours of Day 16 at 3am Jedward returned to the house having been tasked with doing a 2.5 minute supermarket dash and grab to collect two trolley-loads of food for the house. The excitable pair woke up the house having brought home an assortment of food items including bananas, blueberries, bread and a leg of lamb and played with their massive stockpile of children's sweets they had purchased. Darryn moaned about their food choices.[71] Amy was called to the diary room where she was given her vajazzling kit and instructed to turn the sunloungers into an Essex-style vajazzle parlour. She decorated the other housemates with diamante including a nervous Paddy. As a reward for completing the task, Amy got a visit from her pet pug, 'Prince Childs' in the diary room.[72] Jedward gave Amy a vajazzle treatment as she lounged by the pool. It was the third eviction day of the series with Bobby, Tara, Darryn and Lucien facing the public vote to save. Tara was evicted from the house.[21] Amy, Bobby, Darryn, Jedward, Kerry, Lucien and Paddy became the finalists and are up for the public vote to win at the series final.

The finalists celebrated with liberal alcohol and cigarettes in the outdoor seating area. Lucien cut a dash in an open-necked shirt with some "dirty dancing" with Amy in a figure-hugging dress to celebrate surviving eviction.[73] Lucien was soon torn between the attentions of Kerry and Amy after taunting the latter about her feelings for Darryn. Lucien came on to Kerry in the rattan seating area, giving her a kiss. Lucien then followed Kerry into the toilet to kiss her again but he soon came out, she went to bed. A heavily intoxicated Amy and a bashful Lucien sat in the garden with Darryn playing gooseberry. Lucien came out of his shell and confessed to Amy that he would like to go out with her and she finally admitted she fancied him "big time". An embarrassed Darryn went to bed. Amy decided to seize the moment and ended up with her head lying on his lap in the rattan seating area.

They crept indoors with Amy staggering about and coming on strongly to Lucien with her legs wrapped around his waist. He pushed her to the floor in horseplay as they approached the bedroom door. In the bedroom, an amorous Amy jumped at Lucien with her legs around his middle. Lucien lifted a druken Amy onto the bed between Jedward's bed tower and a sleeping Kerry. Lucien took off his shirt but kept his trousers on and climbed in bed with Amy. They fumbled under the duvet in the dark.[74] Kerry left the bedroom and went into the kitchen to console herself with a snack. Lucien and Amy remained together in the bed until the early hours. Jedward burst in the bedroom and had an egg fight with Bobby who jumped out of bed in his underpants.

Week 3[edit]

'The morning after the night before' on Day 17 saw the remaining seven housemates entering their final week on the celebrity show. Kerry gave a slumbering Lucien and Amy a loud wake-up call. Outside on the sunloungers in the garden, the housemates mulled over the events of the early hours.[75] Darryn sat in his pink dressing gown quizzing a shirtless sunbathing Lucien about his antics with Amy the night before.[76] Big Brother announced that Day 17's task was for the house to divide into rival 1990s boy and girl bands in a task called 'Celebrity Battle of the Bands'.[77] Darryn, Bobby, John and Paddy formed the Take That tribute boyband "Take This" and Kerry, Edward, Lucien and Amy formed the girl group "KELA" with the boys in drag.[78] The boys and girls were tasked to record a dance and singing routine to be posted on the show's website with the winner selected by public vote. As part of the task, the rival groups had to psyche each other up by striking cheesy poses and acting like divas. The winner will be announced on the night of Day 18.[79] The housemates ended the day with a 1990s pop-themed party in which Lucien and Amy paired up for a steamy dance routine. To add to the confusion, Lucien made a point of kissing Kerry. Lucien and Amy shared a pizza in the kitchen, Kerry joined in and was informed they had kissed under the covers. Kerry and Bobby looked on at the couple from the garden. In the bedroom, Lucien flirted again with Amy, leaving the others still pondering about their fumblings the previous night.

Day 18 saw the result of the 'Battle of the Bands' due to be announced. Paddy found a captive audience in Darryn and Kerry with a gushing hymn of praise for Lucien's virility after the latter's dirty dancing with Amy.[80] Jedward gave a demonstration of how they achieve their trademark vertical quiffs.[81] Lucien philosophised about his feelings for Amy after Bedgate with a sympathetic Kerry.[82] Big Brother announced the winner of the Battle of the Bands task. The boyband, Take This won.[83] The rival bands were set a "face off" task trying to keep a fixed smile while keeping still and staring out their opponents with their eyes fixed ahead. After the others were dismissed as fails by Big Brother, Lucien and John were the final grinning housemates. John won the task after Lucien rolled his eyes after 1 hour 46 minutes of frozen gurning. The housemates played a game of pass the ice cube with their mouths. All eyes were on Amy and Lucien's latest antics as the fallout from Bedgate continued to send shockwaves through the house.[84]

On Day 19, the boyband groupies, Lucien, Kerry and Edward cuddled up in the garden behind the crowd barriers.[85] In the wake of Bedgate, a swaggering Lucien strutted his stuff with Kerry to a captive audience in the garden.[86] John and the other boyband members enjoyed some party food and invited their "fans" from the girl group behind the barriers to show their appreciation. Paddy got carried away with the play acting.[87] Toiletgate erupted in the house with Jedward accused of wetting the seat and Amy under suspicion for leaving brown marks. John and Edward began to show signs of stress during their separation for the Battle of the Bands task. The housemates faced a Take That-themed task requiring them to sort M&Ms into their separate colours. In the bedroom, Bobby offered Amy relationship advice. Bobby and Lucien had a sweet fight with Lucien stumbling about with a bowl of sweets. They ended up showering the living areas with M&Ms.[88]

Day 20 dawned with Jedward nagging Lucien about the state of the house in the aftermath of the sweet fight.[89] Toiletgate rumbled on with Lucien, Kerry and Paddy exchanging hot air on the finer points of the housemates' toilet habits.[90] Jedward made a fish out of sweets to celebrate Kerry's birthday. The housemates had to assemble their dream pizza in the garden while suspended from bungee ropes as part 1 of the day's task. Part 2 of the task was the "Pizza run" in a giant inflatable. The task degenerated into a mega food fight with Jedward, Lucien, Paddy and Bobby the main culprits. The task pizzas were destroyed and Kerry, Amy and Darryn looked on at the mayhem in dismay.[91] Big Brother announced that Jedward, Bobby and Paddy's team had won the pizza task. They were rewarded with chicken, pineapple and pepperoni pizzas like the ones they made for the task.[92]

Jedward asked Big Brother to provide props to give Kerry a secret birthday party, Big Brother agreed to the request. The housemates were tasked with planning the secret birthday party for Kerry by arranging party decorations around the house and decorating a cake while she was called to the diary room unaware of their preparations. On leaving the diary room, the housemates greeted in their party hats and threw streamers. They shouted "surprise!" and they sang "Happy Birthday" to her. Jedward did a striptease to celebrate Kerry's 31st birthday. Copycats Lucien, Darryn, Paddy and Bobby also did the "Full Monty" for birthday girl Kerry down to their underwear. They rehearsed their moves in the bedroom while Kerry dressed up for the performance of a lifetime. An unstoppable Lucien got carried away at the start of the routine and made some snake-hipped moves towards Kerry in his tightest trousers wearing a bow tie and sun glasses. Lucien kissed Kerry in front of Amy before stripping down to his figure-hugging boxers. Anxious to steal Lucien's limelight, Darryn cut a comical figure in his pink bathrobe and cowboy hat holding a peeled banana, causing Kerry much laughter when she spotted the banana stuffed in his boxers. Sitting on the sidelines, a jealous Amy looked passively on in disapproval and said, "Was that it?".[93] In the diary room, the housemates reminisced about their favourite moments during their time in the house. The house enjoyed a cocktail party with Lucien and Amy getting up to more shenanigans in the rattan seating area. Amy once again threw herself at Lucien, with the pair getting close, sending more mixed signals. The tensions in the triangular showmance increased after Lucien overheard a scheming Amy telling Kerry that she didn't fancy him.

Day 21 saw Kerry mull over the features of her ideal man. The housemates prepared to face life on the outside as Big Brother announced the events leading up to the final night on Day 22 when the overall winner will be announced. Senior housemates Paddy and Darryn opened up to each other about their bromance. The housemates enjoyed a "Last Supper" before all but one was due to be evicted the following night. Jedward performed their own awards ceremony for different categories. Lucien presented Jedward the award as the Most Annoying Housemates. Bobby won Best Housemate.

Final night[edit]

On Final Night Bobby was evicted 1st, meaning he came in 7th place.[5] Darryn was next to leave the house.[5] Lucien was next in 5th place.[5] Amy followed Lucien and left the house in fourth place.[5] Twin brothers Jedward were next to leave the house in blue blazers with gold armbands and their trademark quiffs.[5] Paddy won and Kerry left the house before him as runner-up.[5] After reviewing Paddy's highlights in the house, Brian announced that glamour model and Baywatch star Pamela Anderson was joining Big Brother 2011 as a houseguest alongside the regular housemates in new series of Big Brother.[25]

Nominations table[edit]

Day 2 Day 11 Day 14 Final
Day 22
Paddy Not
(Day 22)
Kerry Bobby,
(Day 22)
Jedward Not
Third place
(Day 22)
Amy Not
Fourth place
(Day 22)
Lucien Not
Fifth place
(Day 22)
Darryn Not
Sixth place
(Day 22)
Bobby Not
Seventh place
(Day 22)
Tara Not
(Day 16)
Pamela Not
(Day 14)
Sally Not
(Day 9)
1 none 2 3
public vote
Evicted Sally
Fewest votes
to save
Fewest votes
to save
Fewest votes
to save
Fewest votes
(out of 7)
Fewest votes
(out of 6)
Fewest votes
(out of 5)
Fewest votes
(out of 4)
Fewest votes
(out of 3)
Fewest votes
(out of 2)
Most votes
to win


  • ^Note 1 : Because Kerry failed her secret task, she was automatically nominated for eviction. She also had to nominate two people that night.
  • ^Note 2 : After her eviction, Pamela was asked by Brian to choose four housemates to save from the next eviction, she chose Jedward, Amy, Paddy and Kerry. The remaining four housemates were put up for eviction.
  • ^Note 3 : This week the public were voting for the housemate they wanted to win rather than to save.


The launch show received 5.3 million viewers, a 21.9% launch share, and also peaked at 8 million, winning its time slot. It gave Channel 5 its highest-ever audience outside of sports programmes and films, and one of its top five ratings of all time.[94]

Date Official Channel 5 rating[95]
Weekly rank[95] Share (%)[96]
18 August 5.27 1 21.9
19 August 3.37 2 15.0
20 August 3.15 3 12.0
21 August 2.47 4 12.0
22 August 2.69 5 12.0
23 August 2.84 4 13.0
24 August 2.92 2 14.0
25 August 2.88 3 13.0
26 August 3.04 1 13.0
27 August 2.24 10 8.0
28 August 2.54 6 10.0
29 August 2.63 3 11.0
30 August 2.69 2 12.0
31 August 2.61 5 13.0
1 September 2.45 6 11.0
2 September 2.63 4 10.0
3 September 1.94 8 8.0
4 September 2.77 1 10.0
5 September 2.69 3 12.0
6 September 2.40 5 11.0
7 September 2.46 4 10.0
8 September 3.23 1 14.0
Series Average 2.8 - 12.0


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