Bobby Vinton Sings the Golden Decade of Love

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Bobby Vinton Sings the Golden Decade of Love
Compilation album by Bobby Vinton
Released June 1975
Genre Pop
Label Epic
Bobby Vinton chronology
With Love
Bobby Vinton Sings the Golden Decade of Love
Heart of Hearts

Bobby Vinton Sings the Golden Decade of Love is a two-LP collection of previously recorded songs by Bobby Vinton, released in 1975 by Epic Records. It reached #154 on the Billboard Hot 200 list of popular albums. The material (along with the album With Love) was rushed for release to take advantage of the popularity of his hit "My Melody of Love" (his first hit for ABC Records).

This collection contains songs recorded by Vinton over his 12-years with Epic that had originally been hits for other artists in the 1950s (this collection calls that era of music the "golden decade of love"); along with seven other songs that were made popular during the 1950s, it contains all 12 songs from his fifth album The Greatest Hits of the Golden Groups. "Over the Mountain (Across the Sea)" (which was a hit for Johnnie & Joe in 1957) is the only single featured on this collection (it reached #23 in 1963). This collection marks the first album appearance of the song "Just a Dream".

Track listing[edit]

Side 1[edit]

  1. Mr. Blue - (DeWayne Blackwell) - 2:24
  2. The Twelfth of Never - (Paul Francis Webster, Jerry Livingston) - 2:08
  3. Tears on My Pillow - (Sylvester Bradford, Al Lewis) - 2:12
  4. My Special Angel - (Jimmy Duncan) - 3:02
  5. Gone - (S. Rogers) - 2:09

Side 2[edit]

  1. It's All in the Game - (Carl Sigman, Charles G. Dawes) - 2:16
  2. Till - (Carl Sigman, Charles Danvers) - 2:58
  3. Sincerely - (Alan Freed, Harvey Fuqua) - 3:04
  4. Just a Dream - (Jimmy Clanton, Cosimo Natassh) - 2:52
  5. A Thousand Miles Away - (James Sheppard, William Miller) - 2:14

Side 3[edit]

  1. I'll Remember (In the Still of the Nite) - (Fred Parris) - 2:58
  2. Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine) - (Curtis Williams, Gaynel Hodge, Jesse Belvin) - 2:11
  3. Teardrops - (Roy Calhoun, Barry Goldor, Edwin Charles, Helen Stanley) - 2:13
  4. Silhouettes - (Frank Slay, Jr., Bob Crewe) - 2:57
  5. The End of the World - (Sylvia Dee, Arthur Kent) - 2:57

Side 4[edit]

  1. The Great Pretender - (Buck Ram) - 2:50
  2. Over the Mountain (Across the Sea) - (Rex Garvin) - 2:24
  3. Only You (And You Alone) - (Buck Ram, Ande Rand) - 2:24
  4. Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams) - (George Motola, John Marascalco) - 2:19

Album credits[edit]

  • "Mr. Blue", "Tears on My Pillow", "My Special Angel", "A Thousand Miles Away", "I'll Remember (In the Still of the Nite)", "Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)", "Teardrops", "Silhouettes", "The Great Pretender", "Over the Mountain (Across the Sea)", "Only You (And You Alone)" and "Goodnight My Love (Pleasant Dreams)" produced by Robert Morgan
  • "Gone" and "Sincerely" produced by Robert Morgan and Billy Sherrill
  • "It's All in the Game" and "Till" produced by Billy Sherrill
  • "The End of the World" produced, arranged and conducted by Robert Mersey
  • Cover photo: Ed Caraeff


Album - Billboard (North America)

Year Chart Position
1975 The Billboard 200 154