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Robert S. (Bobby) Wolff (born October 14, 1932) is an American bridge player and an original member of the Dallas Aces team, which was formed in 1968 to compete against the Italian Blue Team which was dominant at the time. The Aces were successful and won their first world championship in 1970. Wolff has won 11 world championships, over 30 national championships, and was the president of World Bridge Federation (WBF) 1992–1994, and served as president of American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) 1987. He is the only individual to win world championships in five different categories. He is the author of a tell-all on bridge chronicling 60 years on the scene, entitled The Lone Wolff, published by Master Point Press. His column, The Aces on Bridge has been appearing daily for over 25 years, is syndicated by United Feature Syndicate in more than 130 newspapers worldwide and is available online 2 weeks in arrears.

Bridge accomplishments[edit]


  • ACBL Hall of Fame 1995
  • ACBL Honorary Member of the Year 1995




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