Body Language (1992 film)

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Body Language
Directed by Arthur Allan Seidelman
Produced by Robert M. Rolsky
Written by Dan Gurskis
Brian L. Ross
Starring Heather Locklear
Linda Purl
Music by Misha Segal
Cinematography Hanania Baer
Edited by Bert Glatstein
Distributed by USA Network
Release date(s) July 15, 1992
Running time 93 minutes
Country USA
Language English

Body Language is a 1992 television film written and directed by Arthur Allan Seidelman. The thriller, starring Heather Locklear as a successful business executive and Linda Purl as her assistant who is trying to take over her life, was produced for USA Network, and was released on VHS in 1998.



The New York Times wrote: "With two screenwriters, you'd think that the producers could have come up with something less contrived and cliched."[1]


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