Body of pubic bone

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Body of pubic bone
Skeletal pelvis-pubis.svg
Pelvis. Body is 4a.
Latin Corpus ossis pubis
Gray's p.236
TA A02.5.01.302
FMA FMA:16987
Anatomical terms of bone

The body of pubic bone forms the wide, strong, medial and flat portion of the pubic bone which unite in the pubic symphysis.[1]

The rough superior edge of the corpus, the pubic crest,[2] ends laterally in the pubic tubercle. This tubercle, found roughly 3 cm from the pubic symphysis, is a distinctive feature on the lower part of the abdominal wall; important when localizing the superficial inguinal ring and the femoral canal of the inguinal canal.[3]

Its internal surface enters into the formation of the wall of the lesser pelvis and gives origin to a portion of the Obturator internus.


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