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Directed by Simon Pummell
Produced by Janine Marmot
Written by Simon Pummell
Music by Jonny Greenwood
Edited by Daniel Goddard
Distributed by FilmFour
UK Film Council
Release dates 2003
Running time 77 Minutes
Country UK
Language None

Bodysong is a 2003 documentary about human life and the human condition directed by Simon Pummell.

The entire film has no dialogue, and is set to a score composed by Jonny Greenwood (of Radiohead). The Bodysong soundtrack album was Greenwood's first solo release as well as his first film score.


The film tells the story of a human life and what it is to be human by using clips of archive footage taken from more than a hundred year of film history. The film opens with scenes of birth. Clips are shown of various babies in development and until they are birthed. Next, the film features clips of childhood, then dance and sex. Using footage of a nude woman eating a banana, the film then transitions into clips of food, then starvation, then riots, then death. By transitioning from death processions to ceremonies in general, the focus is again brought to dance. After showing some clips of art and massive groups, the film ends with a woman pregnant in a tub.

DVD release[edit]

The BFI released Bodysong on DVD in March 2010.


The film won a British Independent Film Award for "Best British Documentary".

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