Boeddicker (crater)

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Boeddicker Crater
Aeolis map.JPG
Map of Aeolis quadrangle. The Spirit Rover landed in Gusev crater. It found volcanic rocks that probably came from Apollinaris Patera. A large pile of layered rocks sits in the middle of Gale Crater.
Planet Mars
Coordinates 15°00′S 197°42′W / 15°S 197.7°W / -15; -197.7Coordinates: 15°00′S 197°42′W / 15°S 197.7°W / -15; -197.7
Diameter 109 km
Eponym Otto Boeddicker, a German astronomer (1853-1937)

Boeddicker Crater is a crater in the Aeolis quadrangle of Mars, located at 15° south latitude and 197.7° west longitude. It is 109 km in diameter and was named after Otto Boeddicker, a German astronomer (1853–1937).[1]