Boer War Memorial (Montreal)

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Boer War Memorial
Guerre Boers Montreal.JPG
Coordinates 45°29′58.63″N 073°34′15.44″W / 45.4996194°N 73.5709556°W / 45.4996194; -73.5709556Coordinates: 45°29′58.63″N 073°34′15.44″W / 45.4996194°N 73.5709556°W / 45.4996194; -73.5709556
Location Dorchester Square
Designer George W. Hill
Material bronze, stone
Opening date May 24, 1907

The Boer War Memorial is a monument of sculptor George W. Hill located at Dorchester Square in Downtown Montreal.


The Boer War Memorial, sculpted by George W. Hill (1862-1934), was unveiled at the Dominion Square on May 24, 1907. It is dedicated to the Montrealers who fought alongside the British during the Boer War.

It is the only equestrian statue in Montreal, and atypically, is not mounted, but restrained. The Boer War Memorial faces north, towards Mount Royal Cross, which would have been visible from the square up until 1929. Around the base of the statue, copper reliefs and the names of each battle.

The Boer War was widely unpopular in Quebec society, viewed as an imperial war. Prime Minister of Canada Wilfrid Laurier opposed the war, but ultimately compromised with the proposal for militia and volunteers en lieu of conscription.

The four principal monuments – the others being the Robert Burns Memorial, Wilfrid Laurier Memorial, and Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Fountain – in the square are arranged to form a five equilateral cross with the kiosk towards the Dominion Square Building.

On July 8, 2009, the official first shovelful of dirt was lifted in the $23-million project to restore Dorchester Square and Place du Canada at 10 a.m. near the Boer War memorial monument.[1]


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