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Pancake served with boerenjongens
Place of origin Netherlands
Main ingredients Raisins, brandy
Variations Boerenmeisjes
Cookbook:Boerenjongens  Boerenjongens

Boerenjongens (Dutch pronunciation: [burə(n)ˈjɔŋə(n)s]) is a Dutch dish of raisins soaked in brandewijn, but in the United States sometimes whiskey is used. The name means "farmer boys" in Dutch.[1]

This recipe is especially popular with older Dutch people and traditionally consumed at holidays or birthdays.

In the city of Groningen and other cities in the countryside like Enschede there is often boerenjongens-flavoured ice cream for sale.

A variation to this recipe, apricots in brandewijn, is called boerenmeisjes (English: farmer girls).


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