Bogans on the Run

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Bogans on the Run
Bogans on the run.jpg
The Bogans promo shot
Starring Dan Colby
Mavrick Master
Caesar (Victory Lain)
Alex (Not Quite There)
Mathue Puhakainen
Travis McDermott
Simon Cameron
Crazy Chris
Eden Smith
Country of origin AUS
No. of episodes 7 (including 3 specials)
Running time 20 Minutes
Original channel ManiaTV
Original run 5 January 2008 – 26 January 2008
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The show was originally written to fill the void in the Australian Jackass market, as MTV Australia had failed to follow the lead of MTV Europe with Dirty Sanchez by creating a localised version of the oddly successful show. After several failed attempts to find a niche in the crowded genre filled with literally millions of Jackass imitators, Bogans on the Run creator Dan Colby went back to drawing board.

What followed was the Bogans first big breakthrough. The redesigned concept saw the show become a parody of popular Australian travel series, such as Getaway and The Great Outdoors, while still retaining its appeal to the youth market by incorporating improvised acts of pranks, skits and stunts in the same vein as Trigger Happy TV, Tom Green Live, Viva La Bam, Wildboyz, and Punk'd.

The new concept immediately saw the show grab the attention of Madman Entertainment who jumped on board and agreed to distribute a DVD of the show across AUS and NZL into retail outlets at the end of 2006. Due to the shows limited filming budget the initial deadline was not met and the Bogans parted ways with Madman over a percentage dispute while negotiating a new deal.

Although originally designed to be a DVD series, Bogans on the Run will now begin airing as a webcast on ManiaTV in 2008 which is good news for the fans that have been hanging out for the shows release as they can now access all the madness of Bogans on the Run for free.


The Bogans have grown tired of their humble little home in Logan City, so now they are running away! They will travel Australia (and eventually the world) in search of new exciting, glamorous or just downright odd locations, festivals and parties, showing them in a light you’ve never seen before.

By performing the strangest, most random improvised acts, locals are driven to hysteria, confusion or both as "Bogans on the Run" comes together to form the most fun and unique travel series to hit the airwaves... period!

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