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The Bogeyman is a legendary monster. Bogeyman, Boogeyman or Boogie Man may also refer to:


  • Marty Wright (born 1964), an American professional wrestler who uses the ring name "The Boogeyman"
  • Albert Fish (1870–1936), an American serial killer sometimes referred to as "The Boogeyman"
  • Derek Boogaard (1982–2011), a Canadian professional hockey player, nicknamed "The Boogeyman" because of his surname

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Bogeyman (Ghostbusters), a fictional character from the TV show The Real Ghostbusters
  • Freddy Krueger, the killer in the Nightmare on Elm Street movie franchise is referred to as the Boogeyman.
  • Michael Myers, the killer in the Halloween movie franchise is referred to as the Boogeyman.
  • Oogie Boogie: The main antagonist of the 1993 stop motion movie The Nightmare Before Christmas who is a sack stuffed with bugs and claims to be 'The Oogie Boogie Man'
  • Pyramid Head, a monster from the video game series Silent Hill, is referred to as the Boogeyman in Silent Hill: Homecoming.
  • Pitch Black: The main antagonist from the film Rise of the Guardians is the Bogeyman




  • "Bogey Man" (song), by John Entwistle on his album Music from Van Pires
  • "Boogie Man", a song by rock band AC/DC on their 1995 album Ballbreaker
  • "Boogie Man", a song by Aerosmith from Get a Grip