Bogislaw VII, Duke of Pomerania

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Bogislaw VII, Duke of Pomerania
Noble family House of Griffins
Father Barnim III, Duke of Pomerania
Mother Agnes of Brunswick-Grubenhagen
Born before 1355
Died 1404

Bogislaw VII (before 1355 – 1404) was a Duke of Pomerania-Stettin from the House of Griffins.


Bogislaw VII was the son of Duke Barnim III "the church founder" (c. 1303 – 1368) and his wife, Agnes of Brunswick-Grubenhagen. After his father's death in 1368, he ruled Pomerania-Stettin jointly with his older brothers Casimir III and Swantibor III.

Casimir III died in battle in 1372 during a war against Brandenburg. Swantibor III and Bogislaw VII continued to rule Pomerania-Stettin jointly. Bogislaw VII is described as a Duke, equal in status to his older brothers. He was, however, overshadowed by them.

Bogislaw VII died in 1404. After his death, his brother Swantibor III ruled Pomerania-Stettin alone.

The Codex Gelre, a collection of coats of arms from the late 14th Century, mentions a "Duke of Groswin". This may have been Bogislaw VII.[1]

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