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Bognor is a British drama television series, made by Thames Television for ITV. It was originally shown in twenty one episodes between 10 February 1981 and 23 March 1982.[1] It was based on a series of novels by Tim Heald featuring Simon Bognor, an investigator working for of the Board of Trade, starring David Horovitch on the title role.

The first run of stories was shown in February and March 1981, with each story running to six 30 minute episodes each. The series was cancelled after only four stories were made, however the final story was not broadcast until March 1982 when it was shown in three parts.

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Unbecoming Habits[edit]


Let Sleeping Dogs Die[edit]

Just Desserts[edit]


Five of Heald's novels were reissued as tie-ins with the series by Arrow Books in 1981: Unbecoming Habits, Deadline, Let Sleeping Dogs Die, Just Desserts and Blue Blood Will Out. The cancellation of the series meant the fifth novel was never produced for television. Heald continued to write further Bognor novels and they have all been re-issued since without reference to the television series.

DVD release[edit]

The series was released on 4 DVDs in the UK (Region 2) by Network DVD in 2011.


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