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Bol-anon, Bisaya, Binisaya
Native to Philippines
Native speakers
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Language codes
ISO 639-3
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Boholano (Cebuano: Binol-anon) is a variant of Cebuano spoken in the province of Bohol in the Philippines and eastern parts of Southern Leyte. It is sometimes described as a separate language.[1]

Boholano, especially as spoken in central Bohol, can be distinguished from other Cebuano variants by a few phonetic changes:

  • The semivowel y is pronounced [dʒ]: iya is pronounced [iˈdʒa];
  • Ako is pronounced as [aˈho];
  • Intervocalic l is occasionally pronounced as [w] when following u or o: kulang is pronounced as [ˈkuwaŋ] (the same as Cebu City dialect).

The Boholano dialects of western Bohol, including Tagbilaran, though, are almost indistinguishable from other dialects near Cebu City. Furthermore, the phonetic changes detailed above, especially the latter two, can also be observed in the Cebu City dialect.


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