Boilermaker Road Race

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Boilermaker Road Race
Boilermaker Logo
Date The second Sunday in July (yearly)
Location Utica, NY
Event type Road Race
Distance 15K
Established 1978
Course records 42:40 (Men) 47:57 (Women)
Official site

The Boilermaker Road Race is a USATF-certified 15-kilometer (9.3 mi) race in Utica, New York, United States. The race attracts runners from all over the world as well as runners from across the country, although most runners are local to the race.

The Boilermaker is organized in conjunction with the National Distance Running Hall of Fame and has been run every year since 1978. From 1997-2006 the Boilermaker Road Race was known as the largest 15K in the country (of three).

The race is registered as a not-for-profit event and is subsidized by the City of Utica and the State of New York. Additionally it is sponsored and written off, in part, by the Matt Brewing Company of Utica, NY.


The Boilermaker is a not-for-profit 501-(c) organization in support of a road race that was established in 1978. The first Boilermaker was run on July 16, 1978. That year, the race and had a budget of $750 and attracted just over 800 local runners. In that Utica has little else to offer by way of "events", and the need for continued large profits, the Boilermaker has expanded past the 15K race. Numerous loosely related "events" are scheduled the entire weekend which Utica residents call "Boilermaker Weekend". The race gained national prominence in 1983, when American distance runner Bill Rodgers won with a time of 44:38.

Past winners[edit]

Key:       Course record       United States championship race

Edition Year Men's winner Time (m:s) Women's winner Time (m:s)
1st 1978  Ric Rojas (USA) 45:38  Kathy Mills (USA) 54:26
2nd 1979  Tom Carter (USA) 47:15  Cynthia Girard (USA) 57:30
3rd 1980  Peter Pfitzinger (USA) 45:16  Nancy Mieszczak (USA) 55:02
4th 1981  Terry Baker (USA) 44:48  Mary Rybinski (USA) 54:49
5th 1982  John O'Connell (USA) 44:58  Laura DeWald (USA) 54:41
6th 1983  Bill Rodgers (USA) 44:38  Ena Weinstein (PER) 53:22
7th 1984  Geoff Smith (GBR) 44:21  Ena Weinstein (PER) 52:37
8th 1985  Jerry Kiernan (IRL) 44:42  Judi St. Hilaire (USA) 50:35
9th 1986  Joseph Kipsang (KEN) 44:07  Lisa Brady (USA) 50:19
10th 1987  Mark Roberts (GBR) 45:10  Rebecca Kirsininkas (USA) 54:10
11th 1988  Joseph Kipsang (KEN) 44:55  Ria van Landeghem (BEL) 52:45
12th 1989  Jon Sinclair (USA) 44:06  Michelle Bush (CAY) 52:35
13th 1990  Delmir dos Santos (BRA) 44:01  Maria Trujillo (USA) 51:39
14th 1991  Ed Eyestone (USA) 44:10  Jill Boltz (GBR) 48:19
15th 1992  Sammy Lelei (KEN) 43:39  Madina Biktagirova (RUS) 50:22
16th 1993  Thomas Osano (KEN) 43:39  Gitte Karlshøj (DEN) 51:07
17th 1994  Benson Maya (KEN) 42:57  Delillah Asiago (KEN) 50:24
18th 1995  Lazarus Nyakeraka (KEN) 43:09  Roseli Machado (BRA) 49:42
19th 1996  Joseph Kimani (KEN) 42:40  Catherine Ndereba (KEN) 48:55
20th 1997  Joseph Kimani (KEN) 42:54  Lornah Kiplagat (KEN) 49:58
21st 1998  Khalid Khannouchi (MAR) 42:57  Lornah Kiplagat (KEN) 49:58
22nd 1999  John Korir Kipsang (KEN) 43:00  Catherine Ndereba (KEN) 48:52
23rd 2000  Reuben Cheruiyot (KEN) 43:07  Catherine Ndereba (KEN) 48:47
24th 2001  John Korir Kipsang (KEN) 42:57  Catherine Ndereba (KEN) 48:06
25th 2002  Paul Malakwen Kosgei (KEN) 43:22  Constantina Diţă (ROM) 48:29
26th 2003  John Korir Kipsang (KEN) 43:23  Susan Chepkemei (KEN) 48:55
27th 2004  John Korir Kipsang (KEN) 43:50  Susan Chepkemei (KEN) 48:50
28th 2005  Gilbert Okari (KEN) 43:22  Sally Barsosio (KEN) 50:11
29th 2006  Samuel Rongo Olengura (KEN) 43:16  Getenesh Wami (ETH) 49:31
30th 2007  Nicholas Manza Kamakya (KEN) 43:51  Lidia Șimon (ROM) 49:23
31st 2008  Terefe Maregu (ETH) 44:17  Ashu Kasim Rabo (ETH) 50:39
32nd 2009  Ridouane Harroufi (MAR) 43:56  Alice Timbilili (KEN) 49:32
33rd 2010  Lelisa Desisa (ETH) 42:46  Edna Kiplagat (KEN) 47:57
34th 2011  Ridouane Harroufi (MAR) 43:30  Alice Timbilili (KEN) 48:41
35th 2012  Tilahun Regassa (ETH) 43:01  Mamitu Daska (ETH) 49:26
36th 2013  Julius Kipyego Keter (KEN) 43:55  Lineth Chepkurui (KEN) 50:33
37th 2014  Geoffrey Kenisi Bundi (KEN) 44:18  Mary Wacera (KEN) 50:13


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