Boinka, Victoria

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1925 – Filling tanks from the main water supply of Boinka
Boinka is located in Rural City of Mildura
Coordinates 35°12′14″S 141°36′38″E / 35.20389°S 141.61056°E / -35.20389; 141.61056Coordinates: 35°12′14″S 141°36′38″E / 35.20389°S 141.61056°E / -35.20389; 141.61056
Postcode(s) 3490
LGA(s) Rural City of Mildura
Localities around Boinka:
Murray-Sunset Murray-Sunset Murray-Sunset
Tutye Boinka Linga
Big Desert Big Desert Big Desert

Boinka is a locality situated on the section of the Mallee Highway between Ouyen and the South Australian border in the Sunraysia region of Victoria, Australia. By road, Boinka is situated approximately 4 kilometres east from Tutye and 8 kilometres west from Linga.

The name Boinka means "flat black beetle" in the language of the indigenous people of Lake Hindmarsh.[2]

The location has a rich history of settlement and is the subject of a photograph collection within the archives of the Museum of Victoria. The Boinka State School (No 3800) is listed as a part of Heritage Victoria - owned by the Crown Reserve and managed by Rural City Council of Mildura.[3] The township was established in the early 1910s, and the Post Office opened on 15 July 1912 when a regular mail service was provided by the opening of the railway from Ouyen to Murrayville a month earlier. The office closed in 1975.[4]

Unique facts[edit]

1940 – Boinka Streetscape

Boinka is listed within the Victorian Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act of 1988 as being one of only two places where Pale Myoporum (Myoporum brevipes Benth.), a recumbent or erect shrub of up to 2 metres in height (widespread in South Australia), is known to grow indigenously outside of that location.[5]