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BoKu was a fruit juice brand released in the United States from 1990 to 2003 by McCain Citrus, Inc. It was sold in a box, much like competitors such as Minute Maid.

BoKu was marketed as "adult" juice, as juice boxes were commonly attributed to grade-school children because of their small size and easy ability to pack in a lunch. Consequently, BoKu juice boxes were larger, omitted a straw in favor of a pull tab, and was offered in flavors considered more suitable for adults.

BoKu's television ads featured comedian Richard Lewis.[1] Lewis would be seen standing in front of the camera, holding a BoKu box and espousing how the product was suited more for adults than children. At the end of each ad, shortly after taking a sip, Lewis would say to the camera: "Is that too much to ask?!"[2][3]


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