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Bold for Delphi is an advanced Object Relational Mapper (ORM) and application framework. It is designed to significantly increase developer's productivity providing them with the following facilities:

  • Object-relational mapping for persisting domain objects
  • UML modeling of domain classes
  • Object Constraint Language (OCL) as means of making queries (in-memory or to DB)
  • In-memory transactions and Undo/Redo functionality
  • A powerful mechanism to subscribe to calculated values by derived attributes.

The use[edit]

When an application use Bold a model is created with attributes, links and methods. An interface is then generated to the model that the application can use. As the application evolve there come a need to change the model. Then changes to the inteface is generated and a DB-script with SQL of changes to the database. Existing data in database and methods in code is preserved. The programmer can make advanced use of database without touch SQL in code. A good tutorial is found here [1]


Bold was founded by BoldSoft, a company in Stockholm. Unfortunately the framework is not for sale any more as Borland bought BoldSoft and then put it on hold. There have been discussions to release the code as open source. Borland have had the copyrights for a long time. Currently Embarcadero have the legal rights to this framework. ECO is the follower of Bold for Delphi but is only available on .NET Framework.


Bold for Delphi 2006

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