Bolebroke Castle

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Bolebroke castle

Bolebroke Castle is a 15th-century hunting lodge in England. Built around 1480, it is said to be the earliest brick-built building in Sussex.[by whom?] It is located north of the village of Hartfield, East Sussex. Henry VIII is said to have stayed at Bolebroke when he went hunting for wild boar and deer in nearby Ashdown Forest. It lies 5 miles (8.0 km) from Hever Castle, and was the base from which King Henry conducted his courtship of Anne Boleyn.[citation needed] The Bolebroke Castle Miniature Railway was located within the castle grounds.

Coordinates: 51°7′12.61″N 0°6′21.95″E / 51.1201694°N 0.1060972°E / 51.1201694; 0.1060972

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